The Highs and Lows of Moving into a New Home

Recently, my family and I moved into our 6th home in 7 years.

Yes, we are crazy and it is mostly due to job transfers in my husband’s line of work. I would consider myself an “expert” mover by now. Along the journey, I have noticed that no matter what I have in my current home, no matter how much I LOVE these items, they most likely will not make the cut in the new house. I find myself selling off almost everything I have and buying new. Not only is moving physically and mentally exhausting, let’s add emotional.

I do know that most people do not buy a home based on their belongings; rather they are buying for more space, downsizing, adding a bedroom, etc. As much as buyers try and visualize their stuff in the house, once they get it there the chances of keeping it are almost none. There is something about moving into a new home and having everything brand new too!

I personally have gone through many items. Hello, Marie Kondo purge!

Couches, barstools, endless amounts of artwork and small decor items, rugs, dressers…you name it I have had it and I have sold it! All for the love of having something new to go into the new house that I just spent a few hundred thousand on. Makes perfect sense, right?

I think, all in all, it takes about a good 18 months to 2 years to finally feel settled into a new home.

That seems to be the sweet spot where things start to fit in their place and the new color scheme and design you chose for the new home starts to feel complete. It is a painful experience, moving that is, physically, mentally emotionally and yes, financially too. Are we crazy for putting ourselves through this? Does anyone think this is fun?

Seeing that the new home market and resales have been up these past few years, I would say we humans like to put ourselves through this nonstop torture. And I am ok with it since I make a career out of selling homes! It may be because we all like to have new shiny things in life and when we are presented with the opportunity for that, we take it no matter what insanity we put ourselves through.

Are you planning a move soon? I highly recommend trying your best to purge like I do. It lifts so much weight–or should I say baggage–that you don’t have to carry metaphorically and physically with you to your new home. Regardless of how much or how little you decide to take with you, one of the easiest ways to take the hassle out moving is by hiring professionals. From packers to movers to unpackers and home organizers, you can find every service you need for every step of the moving process right here in Tampa Bay. Now, back to that idea of spending hundreds when you probably just spent hundreds of thousands on a new home. If you find yourself wondering “are there cheap local moving companies near me?!” I’ve got the answer for you and it is simple–You betcha! Get a quote from a local moving company today!


Kristy was born and raised in Omaha, Nebraska. She was brought up in a Catholic household, attended Catholic schools, played multiple sports and dance. Kristy had a great childhood traveling and hanging outside as most 1970's kids did. Meeting her husband in a local bar in Omaha, they married in 2000 and since then her life has been full speed ahead! Kristy has 2 healthy and unpredictable children that were born in Omaha. They spent most of their childhood there until the family moved to Jacksonville, FL, in 2012. They lived in St. John's County and just loved this area! In 2015, they were transferred, husband's new job, to Tampa, FL, where they currently reside in Odessa, FL. Kristy is a local REALTOR and very busy in her day to day appointments. Between, taking care of her kids and her husband, she has 2 labrador dogs, Bronx and Blue, that are a big part of her life as well.