Adorable Halloween Treats that are Easy to Make!

halloweentreatsWhether you are looking for something to send in for a school party or for a party at home, what better way to celebrate Halloween than with some fun, easy-to-make treats? These recipes are easy enough that the kids can help you put them together.

Witches Brooms


How cute are these? And simple enough for the kids to help you make them! All you need are some Reece’s cups and pretzel sticks!

Monster Pudding Cups


Looking for easy and fun? Tint some vanilla pudding green, add some crushed Oreos to the top, put it in a clear plastic cup and draw a monster face on the cup with a Sharpie marker.

Mini Donut Spiders


This treat comes together easily with mini donuts, large pretzel twists, M&Ms, and some chocolate frosting or melted chocolate (to stick the M&Ms to the “spider”).

Pet Ghosts


Ghost Peeps, some melted chocolate (or chocolate pudding), candy corns or Halloween pumpkin candies, and some clear cups will help you capture your very own pet ghost. Grab the cute labels here.

Black Cats


The kids will have a great time putting together these adorable and easy-to-make cats! With Oreos, mini chocolate chips, green M&Ms, and a pumpkin (or circle) sprinkles for the nose, and some frosting to stick it all together, the trickiest part to this recipe might be finding the black edible marker for the eyes. (You can find the markers locally at Michaels.)

Candy Corn Bark


The kids will love breaking the pretzel sticks to help you make this fast and delicious treat! Melt some white chocolate, add the pretzel sticks and candy corn for a sweet and salty snack!

Lollipop Ghosts


With a Tootsie Pop, some white tissues, a black Sharpie marker, and tiny hair elastics, grab some cute ribbon to finish off these cuties!

Orange Pumpkins


Looking for a non-candy treat? How stinkin’ cute are these mandarin orange cups with jack-o-lantern faces drawn on them?

Surprise Witch Hat


Filled with a surprise candy stash, your kids are sure to love these! Using chocolate ice cream cones, chocolate wafers, some frosting, and candy your kids will love making these as much as they do eating them! For detailed instructions, check here.

Pumpkin Treat Bags


We are all about simple, and it doesn’t get much easier than this! Cheese puffs in a mini party bags with jack-o-lantern faces drawn with black marker, topped with a cute ribbon makes this too cute to pass up!

Cheese Stick Ghosts

photo (14)

Make these candy free treats with cheese sticks and a black marker. Simple enough to make in the morning for your kid’s lunch box!

Do you have some favorite kids Halloween treats to share? Tell us in the comments below!

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