Down with Dull Birthday Parties

Looking to be the Cool Mom this year for your child’s birthday? Skip the local park gazebo, ditch the tired roller rink, and forget the dreaded cupcakes-at-home route… No, if you want to be the hip parent-on-the-block then you need to try something new all together.

If you’re like most parents, you don’t have much free time in between work, soccer, dance lessons, and housekeeping. So how do you plan an awesome birthday party for your kiddos without breaking the bank or running on fumes? Don’t fret – it’s simple.

Call Sky Zone.

Yep – that’s it. One simple, short phone call (or a quick stint on their website) will take care of all your birthday party problems and ensure you’ll be getting that big, coveted “you’re the coolest, mom” hug at the end of the day.

Sky Zone Tampa Bay Moms Blog

When you enlist Sky Zone for your party, they handle everything. No joke here – everything from the food (Food Packages vary by location), drinks, and even the cake is all managed and provided by Sky Zone. They’ll give you a party host to help with time management, food dispersal, kid wrangling, and more. You get to choose what kind of pizzas are provided, the cake and frosting flavor, as well as the saying and/or decorations that are on top of the cake. Sky Zone provides you with nifty party invitations to pass out, a printed map, and safety waivers to pre-sign, allowing kids to get right to the fun when they arrive at your party.

To make sure everything is on point, your party host will keep in contact with you as the date gets closer, confirming all details are correct. You’ll receive email confirmation for easy referral and you’re free to contact the trampoline park at any time if you have any questions. Nice and easy.

All party packages include the following:

  • 1 hour of jump time
  • 40 minutes in a private room
  • Sky Zone party host
  • Plates, napkins, cups
  • Unlimited soft drinks during party room time
  • Food (Depending on Package)
  • Party room set up and clean up
  • Invitations
  • Skysocks for each party jumper

You can also select add-ons for an additional cost, such as drawstring backpacks, additional Skysocks, water bottles, and party bags.

So next time a birthday party rolls around, don’t panic! Grab the phone, sit back, and let Sky Zone handle everything for you. You’ll maintain your sanity and your child will have the coolest party on the block. And let’s not forget the added perk – a party at Sky Zone will leave you with one tuckered out group of children, so not only will the kids thank you, but parents will too!

Sheriss is the founder of Tampa Bay Moms Blog and works full-time as a middle school special educator. Born and raised in the Tampa Bay area, she and her husband Johnny have lived in Boston, MA and Atlanta, GA, before once again calling Tampa home. They welcomed their sweet and high-spirited daughter Harper into the family in 2010. In her free time, Sheriss loves day-tripping, lazy evenings at the beach, searching for and discovering new adventures to go on with her family around the Bay area.