A Healthy Hot Dog? Kayem Hot Dog Review

It’s been two weeks since the Super Bowl, is it safe to talk about it yet?

I’m not much into football, but I happened to marry a football family. You know the type? They have a team starting with college ball (Go Seminoles) and it carries through into the NFL (Go Bucs)!

So, where does that leave me on game day? I typically focus on the food, which is perfectly fine with my family. I will admit that I can sometimes get carried away with food, but this football season I promised to keep it simple.

2014-02-02 13.17.28

Hot dogs anyone?

2014-02-02 13.18.15

We started out our day with a Florida favorite pastime, boating. After cruising around for a couple of hours, we headed in for some lunch and pre-game smack talk! As we listened to the announcers “predict” the outcome of the game my father-in-law fired up the grill. The Kayem (pronounced like the letters “K M”) Hot Dogs grilled up so nicely and smelled as good as they looked.

2014-02-02 18.03.21-1

I am a bit old fashioned, which means I think mustard is the only condiment that belongs on a hot dog. If a hot dog can’t hold up to the mustard only test, it will not be eaten again..that is my rule. Not only did Kayem hot dogs pass my test, but they past the real test–our kids! The girls ate with smiles on their faces and that makes this mama very happy.

2014-02-02 17.59.33

There are things just as important to us as flavor. Kayem products are made without chemicals or food additives; there are no fillers or by-products, they are all natural. This means that not only can I serve up a simple and tasty meal for my family in a pinch, but I can feel good about it, too.

Kayem Hot Dogs are new to us here down South and although we don’t typically like to try new things, we’re all sure glad we did. Wondering where you can grab your very own Kayem products? Check out your local Publix Market; you’ll be glad that you did. Also, be sure to check their website for a $1.00 off coupon.

Although the game left much to be desired, Kayem showed up to play and won us over.

How do you eat your hot dog?

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