What do YOU love about Florida? #FLfavorites

We are so excited to tell you about an easy and fun way to help Keep Tampa Bay Beautiful and Tampa Bay Watch! Both organizations depend on volunteers and local support to help keep Tampa’s neighborhoods, parks, and waterways clean and to restore and protect the natural beauty of Tampa Bay. They provide environmental education and volunteer opportunities that develop individual responsibility and environmental stewardship.

Florida's Animals!Zephyrhills Natural Spring Water is sponsoring a campaign to celebrate their 50th Birthday, and they’re asking: What do you love about Florida? Use #‎FLfavoriteson Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and they will donate $1 for every post tagged (up to $50k) to Keep Tampa Bay Beautiful and Tampa Bay Watch

We have come up with a fun way to get your kids involved with this, too! One of OUR favorite things in Florida is the abundance of animals! Check out our slide show below and ask your kids, “What is YOUR favorite animal found in Florida?”

Here’s how you can how you can help:

1.) Take a picture of your favorite animal.

2.) Have your child draw a picture of their favorite Florida animal.

3.) Check out this cool A-Z Coloring book of Florida animals. Have your child color their favorite animal and take a picture of the colored in animal.

Post one of these pictures suggested above to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram account with #FLfavorites. (You can even just name your favorite animal and use the hashtag #FLfavorites and they will STILL donate $1.00!) We’d love it if your tag us, too, so we can see your favorite Florida animals! Zephyrhills Natural Spring Water will donate $1.00 for each post with the #FLfavorites. That’s it! Easy and fun!

Aside from your own neighborhood, some of the best places to find Florida animals is in our State Parks. Check out the map below of all the local state parks where many animals can be found in their natural habitat.


 Want to see even MORE Florida animals? Check out this link.

Thank you for helping to raise money for such a worthy cause!

Disclaimer: This is an promotion sponsored and compensated by Zephyrhills Water. We are proud to partner with them to raise funds for Keep Tampa Bay Beautiful and Tampa Bay Watch!

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