15 Fun Summer Activities While Social Distancing During a Pandemic

School is almost out and I know parents are counting down the final days. It’s been a crazy time with virtual learning and lockdowns. Many parents are already searching for the best activities for their kids. Even though social distancing is still required, summer is not ruined. This is a great opportunity to create wonderful memories as a family. Here are 15 fun summer activities while social distancing during a pandemic. These ideas are simple but will keep the kids busy and entertained. 

Bike Rides. 

Go for a fun bike ride with the family this summer. Take advantage of the nice weather and explore your neighborhood or a bike trail. This is a great way to have fun while social distancing with the family. Don’t forget to bring water and wear your helmet!

Make Ice Cream. 

My family LOVES ice cream! We definitely had our freezer stocked with different flavors during the quarantine. Nothing screams summer like ice cream on a hot day, especially in Florida. Making your own frozen treat is a fun activity for everyone. Check out this guide on creating homemade vanilla ice cream. You can also make this vanilla ice cream in a bag. 

Backyard Camping. 

Set up a tent in the backyard and spend the night sharing scary stories or singing silly songs. Summer is the best time to enjoy the outdoors at night. Camping out in the backyard is the perfect way to enjoy social distancing while having fun. 

Science Experiments. 

Kids can continue learning throughout the summer by having fun with these awesome science experiments

Kids playing at the beachVisit the Beach. 

The beaches have finally opened back up in Florida. Pack a lunch and take the family on a nice day trip. Make sure to follow all the new guidelines while you’re at the beach. 

Blow Bubbles. 

Who doesn’t love bubbles?! This is a great summer activity. You can order a bubble machine or get bottles of bubbles. My boys love running through bubbles or trying to catch them. You can also purchase a fly swatter to make different size bubbles for the kids. Just pour a large bottle of bubbles in a shallow dish then use the fly swatter as a wand. 

Fly a Kite. 

Find a nice empty field or use your backyard to run and fly a kite. You can purchase a cheap one from the store or make one with the kids for this fun summer activity. 

Build a Backyard Obstacle Course.

Use cones, hula hoops, pool noodles, jump ropes, wood, and other materials from around the house to set up an obstacle course in your backyard. You can host a competition with fun prizes for the winners. Check out videos on Youtube for inspiration.

Learn how to Cook.

Spend this summer teaching your kids how to cook. Choose their favorite meal and make it at home. 

Have a Scavenger Hunt.

My oldest loves scavenger hunts. He enjoys searching for items especially if you give him a time limit. You can set up a scavenger hunt for the kids indoors or outdoors. Make it adventurous by going to the park or the beach. Check out these printables for inspiration. 

Water Balloon Fight.

One of the best ways to cool down during the summer is to have a water balloon fight. Fill some buckets with water balloons and have fun. 

Host a Fashion Show.

Grab some clothes out of the closet and have fun! Play some music as you walk down the runway. You can set up chairs with stuffed animals for the audience. 

Backyard Beach Party.

Not ready to visit the beach? No problem! Create one in your backyard. Get two inflatable swimming pools from the store and fill one with sand and other with water. Have a small cooler with drinks and snacks nearby. You can also have beach balls, frisbee or other items you normally carry to the beach. Set up a few beach chairs and relax while the kids splash around. 

Create Crafts.

We are definitely making fun crafts this summer. It doesn’t have to be structured. Set up a crafting station and let your kids use their imagination to create cool things. Many stores are offering curbside pickup if you want to avoid going inside. If you need some ideas, check out my Pinterest board. 

Have Food Challenges.

You can either have a food eating contest or have a blind taste test challenge. Have fun and get creative. Check out this guide for ideas.featured image for 15 summer activities while social distancing

Karimah is a SAHM residing in Wesley Chapel with her family. She is married to her husband of seven years. They have two adorable boys, a preschooler and a toddler. They also have a stubborn but loving dachshund who enjoys eating whatever his human brothers drops on the floor. Karimah grew up in Lakeland but became a Tampa resident after graduating from the University of South Florida. (Go BULLS!) Her weekdays are filled with fun activities like library programs, exploring the local playgrounds, visiting local theme parks and crafting at home (Pinterest mom). Karimah enjoys experimenting in the kitchen, participating in 5k races, watching Netflix, reading, traveling and spending time with family and friends. You can follow her on Instagram and Pinterest @craftingafunlife.