Clutter Here, Clutter There, Clutter Clutter Everywhere!

On Christmas morning, I found my old “surfing Santa” Christmas ornament hanging on my sister’s Christmas tree, jokingly I took it off the tree saying it was mine and I was going to take it back home. Seeing a new object in my hand, my toddler couldn’t help but swiftly demand I let her hold it. It was Christmas morning, so I obliged and turned over my ornament. Inevitably she dropped it. My surfing Santa fell on the floor and broke into pieces. I quickly cleaned up the mess and threw away the parts. My sister asked me why I didn’t hold on to the pieces like I would of in the past – simple I don’t want clutter in my house. 

Earlier this year I made a promise to myself – to get rid of the clutter. To keep my sanity, I started the process of decluttering. While I am still working my way through the house, I thought it might be a great way to start the new year by sharing some basics on how to get started.

Start – Big Or Small

You have to start somewhere. If starting with a closet or specific area of your house seems overwhelming start small with a drawer in the kitchen or your make-up kit. I love to start with my closet because having my clothes neat and organized starts my day off on the right foot. After that, I tackled my night-stand, and make-up kit and so on until I was done with my bedroom. Start big or start small, but just pick a place and start. 

Set the Rules

Having a set of rules to sort and separate is always helpful. My closet used to be filled with jewelry that was missing a stone or had a broken clasp, and I never got around to fixing it, and the piece just sat there collecting dust and taken up space. Now, I have a hard rule that any item of clothing that is torn, ripped or stained has to go. Similar with toys or other keepsakes, if it is broken or missing pieces it goes in the trash pile. Setting out the rules of what you will keep or won’t keep, will help you stay accountable as you declutter your space.

Engage the Family

Making it a family event always helps me get through the task quicker. Every time my daughter receives a new toy I have her go through her old toys and sort them into three piles – keep, donate, trash. This helps keep her playroom from filling up with old or broken toys and makes it easier to clean up when she is done playing.



Suketa met her husband ten years ago through mutual friends. Although they were both raised in New Jersey, they traded in their snow shovels for sunscreen when they moved to Tampa a few years ago. Suketa is the proud mom of a little girl. Suketa works as an Attorney focusing on various aspects of business law. When Suketa's not running behind her daughter or answering the demands of life and a full-time career, you'll find her curled up with a good book and a cup of coffee!