Why Do New Year’s Resolutions Fail?

New Years Eve Hat and Champagne


How many of us wake up on January 2nd, let’s be honest no one is starting a diet on the 1st, resolute in becoming a “better” version of ourselves. January always brings resolutions for the New Year: losing weight, tightening your financial strings, making amends with estranged family/friends, etc. It seems we always find a reason why we need to change something about ourselves. However, according to the business insider, 80% of New Year’s resolutions fail by February. So this begs the question, is the concept of resolutions itself setting us up to fail?

Why We Fail

Why do we fail? Simple, resolutions equal change and change is hard. Losing weight is hard; getting on track financially; without winning the Lotto, it is hard; admitting you were wrong or accepting a long-overdue apology is hard. We are human and we each come with our own faults and idiosyncrasies. Until we learn to accept these we cannot begin to change ourselves.  

Past Resolutions

I have fought the weight bulge for all of my life and almost every year I resolve this will be the year I lose the weight and keep it off for good. Yet, every year I fail. In 2006, I was successful and kept most of the weight off until 2013–when I had a baby. I would love to blame weight gain on pregnancy, but truth be known I was too sick to gain weight during my pregnancy. After I suffered from postpartum depression and food is my drug of choice so I pretty much ate everything!!! Today, I find myself six and a half years older and 65 pounds heavier. But, this year I refuse to make weight loss my resolutions. 

This year lets resolve not to make a resolution. Why? Because deep down we all know learning to like ourselves for who we are and not what we are is necessary for change to occur. We make resolutions because we feel something is lacking in ourselves. No one is perfect, but in general, if we are secure with who we are then a resolution is more than likely not necessary.


As you go throughout 2020 let’s try to set goals, not resolutions. So what if we are not the dress size we are wanting to be and are stressed about what you wear to a special wedding in March. Yeah, that was a little personal. 😀 So what if you do not live in the house you want or drive your dream car. Refuse to let this defeat you because as Dr. Seuss wrote, Today you are you, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than you. 

Love yourselves, be kind to yourself, and set goals that will help you successfully achieve this love.

Happy New Year! Wishing each of you the best 2020 can offer!

New Year Success

Yolanda Perez
A Tampa native, Yolanda is a single mom to a beautiful, quirky six-year-old girl. Yolanda attended the University of South Florida and holds a B.S. in marketing. She works full-time in the marketing department at an engineering firm. Yolanda loves to write and started a blog discussing topics related to life with a small child and a large village. In her spare time, she enjoys taking her daughter on new adventures throughout the Tampa Bay area, including parks, restaurants, malls, movies (my daughter just likes the popcorn). Yolanda and her daughter love going on day trips and/or long weekends to Disney. Nothing beats the Mouse!