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Where’s My Pandemic Parenting Handbook?

These are the times that will define our parenting generation in textbooks. Being a parent can be exhausting during “normal” times but now….it’s a whole different ballgame. Right now across social media groups, you see the worried pleas of parents asking what others are doing in regards to sending their kids back to school virtually […]

The Lessons 9/11 Can Teach Our Children

Today marks the anniversary of September 11, one of the most heart-wrenching days in our country’s recent history. You probably remember the moment you learned of the attacks, the gut sinking feeling you had when you realized the magnitude of what this meant when it wasn’t a random accident, the fear behind hearing of multiple […]

Social Distancing Anxiety and Your Normal, Everyday Life

We all want to do the right thing in these uncertain times, but even the simplest tasks can bring on a bout of social distancing anxiety. I had a post about cooking from pantry staples all teed up for this month. But something happened on the way to that post. One very anxiety-inducing trip to […]

Smart Equipment in Football is Here and It’s Advancing the Game

Football in the south is sacred. College football, in particular, can lead to divided households particularly a battle between Florida State and the University of Florida. Whether you’re a Gator fan or die-hard Seminole fan, the love for the game runs deep. My husband started out playing pee-wee football, followed by flag football and all […]

I Can’t Breathe – How Do I A Black Mother Find the Words

I can’t breathe. I’m sick to my stomach. My heart hurts. I can’t breathe because I get choked up every time I think about it. I can’t breathe because I’m suffocating under the weight of it all. Not again. How do I, a mother, a BLACK mother find the words, the breath? How do I […]

A Mom’s Guide to Hurricane Ian in Tampa Bay

If you’re new to Florida, the threat of a major hurricane can be overwhelming and scary. With Tampa Bay area schools closing and kids at home, finding information and resources, staying up to date on the storms potential track and making preparations around the home is a lot to juggle. To make it easier, we […]

A Moment in History – Or the Beginning of a New Way of Life?

I wonder if our kids are living through a moment in history, or the beginning of a whole new way of life? Remember after the September 11th attacks, we almost immediately knew things would never be the same? Terrorism became an everyday term; we’d never again be able to walk off an airplane and into the […]

Should Halloween ALWAYS be on Saturday? The Great Pumpkin Debate!

Many of us know the struggle that comes when October 31 falls on a weekday, as it does this year. We rush out of work, road-raging our way through the congested streets of Tampa Bay, to get home to our young children. We quickly throw food on their plates, get them in their Halloween costumes […]