Alternatives to Candy for the Easter Basket

As a mom to a young child, I’ve been thinking about alternatives to candy for his Easter basket. I try to stay away from giving him too many sweet treats so instead this year I’m choosing alternatives for his basket.


For all of you moms and dads out there, I’m sure you can relate the awe-inspiring magic that is BUBBLES! My son loves bubbles and any and everything about bubbles. While shopping in Kohls, I found a toy display with Fubbles. I had a coupon for $10 off if you spend $25 or more and these Fubbles were on sale for $11. I essentially got these for $1. What a steal!


My two-year-old is starting to really expand his imagination and vocabulary. He’s also fine-tuning those motor skills. We already have a few Melissa and Doug Chunky puzzles but I saw this one on Amazon and thought it would be a great addition as well. He loves anything with planes, trains, or trucks, so he will be super excited about this puzzle.

Dollar Section Finds

I was shopping in Target and found myself in the dollar section. You know you do it too! They finally started to have Easter type items in this section, so I started grabbing some things. I found a bubble wand with an Easter Bunny handles on it. I also picked up some Mickey Mouse socks too.  I also saw quite a few Finding Dory items. My son is currently going through a Finding Dory phase so this was perfect for him. I picked up some stickers and a magic pen coloring book.

Milestone Gifts

Since we will be starting potty training soon I thought it would be fun to get him interested in the idea with fun underwear. I recommend choosing characters that your child is interested in, otherwise, there is no excitement involved and it defeats the purpose.

Personalized Easter basket

I also splurged and bought a personalized Easter basket for my son last year. Luckily these will last for many years to come. There are so many great shops on Etsy with personalized options. Here’s where I bought mine.

Other Ideas

Other ideas that I was thinking about: books, stuffed, animals and clothes. Last year, I did a swimming theme, complete with sunglasses, swim trunks, swim shirts, sandals, a hat and toys.

Kelly is a native Floridian, growing up in the Tampa Bay area. She has a beautiful family which includes her ruggedly handsome husband James, their fur baby black lab mix, one son, and two daughters! Kelly attended The University of Tampa for undergrad and graduate school. She holds a bachelor's degree in Management and a Master's of Business Administration in Marketing. Kelly is the Content Director and Managing Editor for the Tampa Bay Moms.