Easy No-Sew Easter Bunny Ears

At our house, we love taking themed pictures for all of the holidays and this year for Easter I came up with really easy no-sew Easter bunny ears for our pictures.


I put together a tutorial of what I did so that you can also make your little bunnies some ears this Easter.

Supplies for no-sew Easter bunny ears:

Headband (I purchased mine for $1 at my local craft store)
White and Pink Felt
White Cardboard (or something else stiff)
Hot Glue Gun and Glue
Ribbon (option for girl bunny)


Start by cutting out your white felt for the ears. I cut my piece to be 8.5 inches long by 2.5 inches wide so that when it’s folded over the final size will be just over 4 inches tall. I also cut a piece of iron-on backing (about 2 inches by 3.5 inches) to make mine stiff but this would also work well with just a piece of white cardboard.



Fold the white felt in half and position the cardboard between the two sides and snuggly up in the fold. Using hot glue, glue the cardboard in between the piece of felt. Glue around the edges securing the felt sides together but leaving the bottom half-inch open.



Once you have everything glued, round the top of the felt (on the side with the fold) so that the pieces look like bunny ears (I made a template out of paper so that mine would look the same).



The two flaps created in the step above should then be glued to the top of the headband so that the felt looks like an upside-down “T”. To do this separate the pieces, squeeze hot glue inside the flaps and spread them apart, pressing them onto the top of the headband. I found it helpful to mark the center of the top of my headband before doing this so that I could ensure they were centered.DSC_0038

Pink Pieces

Once you have the white pieces of the ears attached to the headband, its time to cut the pink pieces. I cut my pink pieces to be a little smaller than the white piece (but they don’t need to be folded over) and then rounded the pink felt so that it had a similar shape as the white part. I also cut a little arch at the bottom of both pieces so that they would form the headband a little better.DSC_0039

Add the Pink Pieces to the Headband

Once you have them cut out, glue them onto the white felt so that the bottoms sit along the headband. Because I have two little girls, I also added a bow to each.DSC_0043

Now have fun taking pictures with your new no-sew bunny ears and if you need a bunny tail to go with these bunny ears. Then, check out a fellow TBM contributors tutorial on how to make a clip-on the bunny tail.

What fun pictures will you be taking with your kids this Easter season especially with these no-sew Easter bunny ears?

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