Top 10 Best Ways to Spend Father’s Day as a Family

Father’s Day ( June 21st) is coming up soon! Looking for fun ways to celebrate the special guy in your life? Check out my top 10 best ways to spend Father’s Day as a family. These activities are great for dads with different interests. It’s been a rough year for our guys especially with sports being put on hold due to the pandemic. Let’s show them some extra love this Father’s Day!

African-American father with sons

Build Something Cool

There are so many fun projects to make with kids like a toolbox, furniture, playhouse or robot. Find something that is appropriate for your child’s age and skill. Check out these cool kid-friendly projects to make on Father’s Day.

varnishing wood stock photo

Play Backyard Games

Spend some time in your backyard and play some fun outdoor games. You can purchase lawn games from the store or make some with the kids. Check out these cool outdoor games to enjoy as a family on Father’s Day.

son kicking a football with fatherVolunteer

Spend a few hours on Father’s Day volunteering together. It’s a great family activity that will create wonderful memories. Check with your local food pantry or clean up the local beaches and parks.

cleaning up the trash off the beach

Go On A Bike Ride 

Get some fresh air with the family by going on a bike ride. You can stay close to home or find a local park. The Tampa Riverwalk or Bayshore Boulevard is a great area to go bike riding with the family. Just remember to wear your helmet and stay safe.

father and sons bike riding

Get Out On The  Water

Take dad on a kayaking or canoeing trip on the river. There are so many great locations in Tampa Bay for water adventures. You can also try paddleboarding or taking a water taxi to explore the city.

people in kayaks

Go Camping

Always wanted to go camping? Father’s Day is the perfect time to take advantage of this cool experience. You can pitch a tent in the backyard or visit a campsite. Make some delicious S’mores and share scary or silly stories.

camping outdoors with firewood

Go Fishing

My husband usually goes fishing with his brothers and dad for Father’s Day. It’s a great time to bond as a family. Check online to verify if you need any license to fish at the pier or lake.

father and sons going fishing

Have A Cooking Competition

Enjoy watching cooking competitions on TV? Bring that excitement to your kitchen at home. Try something different for Father’s Day that will leave a lasting memory. Make an easy meal or bake something sweet. Have fun and be creative!

father and son making dinner

Go To The Beach

Pack up the car and take a trip to the beach. Spend Father’s Day enjoying the sounds of the waves crashing and soaking up some sunshine. Bring a cooler with lunch and snacks to enjoy a few hours at the beach with the family. Don’t forget your sunscreen!

family at the beach

Try Different Science Experiments

Test out some kid-friendly science experiments with dad this Father’s Day. This a cool way to bond as a family and have fun. Create an erupting volcano or make instant ice. Pick up science kits from your local craft store or find experiments online. Don’t forget your safety goggles!

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