You’ve Been BOO’ed! A Halloween Tradition

BOO’ing has become a tradition in our household. It started a few years ago when I found the idea on Pinterest.  It is a simple concept and a way to just surprise others and have a little holiday fun!

So, what is BOO’ing? BOO’ing is like a “Secret Santa” for Halloween. It is also called “The Phantom” or “Ghosting”.

1. Gather things for goodie bags or any holiday container. Candies, chocolates, crafts, toys, etc.

2. Choose a BOO sign to leave. There are plenty of options available and you can always make your own.

3. Once the sun goes down the BOO’ing begins! Quietly, and without being seen, leave the goodies, with the sign at the house of choice. Ring the doorbell, RUN & HIDE!

4. It is now your recipients turn to keep the BOO’ing going.



We did some BOO’ing this past weekend. We were out shopping and picked up some things. We grabbed some candy and stuff to make cookies. We opted for premade cookie dough this year, just seemed like it would be easier because we also had more houses we were planning on BOO’ing. We stopped at the craft store and picked up some non-candy Halloween goodies as well. We know families that don’t like a ton of candy and since Halloween is not too far off. I didn’t want the bag to be just a full sugar overload.


We found a recipe for Halloween Bark. Each of the kids added in their own ingredient. It is a fun experiment and Halloween Bark is very simple to make. You basically just need a bunch of stuff….candy, pretzels, sprinkles, cookies, and any kind of melting chocolate. It only takes minutes to make and the full recipe can be found here.


Once you have all your stuff together, just put it all into the bag or container of your choice. We found some goodie bags at Party City and Dollar General. We also picked up a few plastic candy buckets from Party City. Add in your BOO sign and off you go!


This was what our bags this past weekend looked like, for the most part. We had candy, crafts, both homemade and store-bought goodies, balloons, and little toys from the party store. The BOO sign we found over at Happiness Is Homemade and I liked that it had the instructions on it for the BOO’ed family.

You can add anything you like and the options are pretty endless. This year we want to add to our list of BOO’es and are making pot pies this weekend to BOO a few of the older couples in the area. The bags or contents of BOO’ing can be just about anything.

Hopefully, you will enjoy this simple holiday tradition with your neighborhood and share the fun with us!  HAPPY BOO’ing to you and your family!

Bernadette is a native Florida girl, originally from Palm Beach Gardens. Currently she can be found wandering around the St. Pete and Tampa Bay areas. Bernadette is a stay at home mom to 5 awesome kids. The boys are Glenn (13), Ben (12), and Garrett (5). The girls are Tierney (10) and Emmaleigh (4). Most of her days are pretty random and usually have some form of adventure, photography and craftiness to them. You can follow along on more of her day to day on Aimless Moments, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook.


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