10 Easy Fall Crafts for Kids

Autumn is almost here! I’m sure you have noticed all the fall decor around stores and pumpkin spice everything. Celebrate the arrival of this beautiful season with some fun and easy crafts for kids. I made sure to find projects that don’t require advanced craft skills or complicated tools. I hope you enjoy creating them as much as I did with my son.

Please note: Some of these projects may need adult supervision based on your child’s age. 

Upcycle Pumpkin Craft

Supplies: old magazines, white cardstock, pumpkin template, black marker, scissors and glue stick

Nothing screams fall like pumpkins. This is a fun project that helps children develop their fine motor skills. Gather old magazines then search for green and orange pages. Once you have enough, cut the pages into small pieces. Use the pumpkin template to trace onto the white cardstock. Glue the pieces onto the paper to create a colorful pumpkin.

pumpkin magazine collage autumn pumpkin magazine collage

3D Paper Autumn Tree Craft

Supplies: circle hole punch (1-2 inch), cardstock paper (orange, brown, green, yellow, red and light blue), scissors and glue

Use the hole punch to create circles out of the orange, red, yellow and green cardstock paper. Then fold the circles in half. Next, cut the tree trunk using the brown cardstock paper. Glue the tree trunk to the bottom of the light blue paper. Finally, glue the leaves onto the paper to create a fall tree. Make sure to keep the folded side up.

3D fall tree3D Fall Tree Craft

Apple Toilet Paper Roll Craft

Supplies: toilet paper roll, construction paper (red, green and brown), tape and scissors

Cut short strips of red paper that will be taped around the toilet paper. Next, put a small piece of tape on each end of the red strip of paper. Stick it on the inside of the toilet paper roll to start forming your apple. Cut a stem using the brown paper as well as a leaf with the green paper. Finally, tape them onto the back of the apple inside to complete this cute project.

toilet paper apple craftToilet Paper Roll Apple Craft

Paper Plate Pumpkin Pie Slice Craft

Supplies: large paper plate, orange paint, brown cardstock, paint brush, scissors, stapler, glue, white pom poms and orange glitter or pumpkin spice seasoning

Start by cutting your paper plate to resemble a slice of pie. Next, paint the entire piece orange and set aside to dry. Cut small squares using the brown cardstock to create the crust. Once the plate is dry, staple the brown squares along the edge. Glue the orange sprinkle or pumpkin spice on top of the slice of pie. Finally, glue the white pom poms to the center of the pie to represent whipped cream.

paper plate pumpkin slicepaper plate pumpkin pie slice

Fall Math Tree Craft

Supplies: pencil, scissors, tissue paper cut in strips (fall colors), brown construction paper, glue and white cardstock

Use the pencil to draw triangles on the strips of tissue paper. Then cut a large triangle from the brown paper. Glue it on the bottom of the white paper to create the tree trunk. Finally, glue on the triangle shaped tissue paper to finish the tree.

Popsicle Stick Apple Core

Supplies: jumbo and mini popsicle sticks, cardstock paper (red, brown and green), glue and black marker

First, glue three jumbo popsicle sticks together to resemble a fence. Then glue a mini popsicle stick at the top and bottom to form the apple core. Make several of these to have more than one apple core. Next, cut circle shapes out of the red and green cardstock then cut in half. Also, cut a stem and leaf using the green and brown cardstock paper. Glue the halves of the red and green cardstock onto the popsicle sticks to create the apple core. Also, add the stem and leaf to the top of the apple on the back. Finally, use the black marker to draw seeds on the middle of the jumbo popsicle stick.

apple craftpopsicle stick apple core

Sweet Corn Craft

Supplies: paint (fall colors), sweet corn template, sweet corn shuck template,  scissors, white cardstock, pencil (2) and green construction paper

Print the sweet corn template on the white cardstock and the shuck template on the green construction paper.  Cut out the templates to create sweet corn craft. Dip the pencil eraser in each paint to make dots on the sweet corn template. Repeat until the top half of the template is covered to resemble corn kernels. Next, cut slit along the lines of the shuck template. Curl the slits by wrapping them around another pencil. Finally, glue the shuck to the bottom of the sweet corn template.

sweet corn craftsweet corn craft

Torn Paper Acorn Craft

Supplies: brown construction paper (2), light and dark brown markers, white and light brown cardstock, acorn template, and glue

Start by coloring on of the construction paper with the dark brown marker. Next, color the other brown construction paper with the light brown marker. Print the acorn template on the white cardstock then cut. Gather the colored construction paper then start ripping into small pieces. Make sure to keep the two colors in a separate pile. Glue the light brown pieces to the bottom of the acorn and the dark brown to the top. Finally, glue the complete acorn craft to the light brown cardstock paper.

Craft Stick Scarecrows

Supplies: craft sticks, googly eyes, black marker, cardstock, felt (fall colors), scissors and glue

Start by cutting a hat, hair and nose using the different colors of felt.  Next, cut out a square from the cardstock and glue the craft sticks on top to keep it sturdy. Choose which color hat and hair for the scarecrow. Glue on the hair first then add the hat on top. Finally, glue on the googly eyes and nose then draw the mouth with a black marker. You can add a ribbon to the back to hang up or a magnet to place on the refrigerator.

scarecrow craftcraft stick scarecrow

Fall Leaf Wreath

Supplies: Cardstock or construction paper (fall colors), large paper plate or cardboard, glue, string or ribbon, variety of leaf templates and scissors

Create the wreath frame out of the paper plate or cardboard. Next, attach a string or ribbon to the frame so that you can hang the wreath. Make about 20 or more leaves that are the same size. Next, glue each leaf on the frame making sure to overlap them as you go. Continue until the entire frame is covered with leaves. Finally, hang the wreath in your home.

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