Valentine’s Day TikTok Crafts You’ll Fall in Love With!

Valentine's Day TikTok CraftsFrom lovely decor to heartfelt gifts to fun things to make with the kids, check out some of my favorite Valentine’s Day TikTok crafts for the sweetest holiday.

Ah, l’amour. Who doesn’t love that giddy feeling you get when you think about your beloved? It’s no wonder we had to create a whole day just to celebrate it.

And speaking of creating, there’s a virtual bouquet of fun ways to spruce up your holiday on – what else – TikTok! That’s why I went through dozens of videos to bring you what I think are the most adorable Valentine’s Day TikTok crafts. Yep, I went down the rabbit hole so you don’t have to. You’re welcome.

Now, let’s get crafting!

Mini Kissing Booth by @poppinmamadiys

I’m starting our Valentine’s Day TikTok crafts with this little kissing booth because it’s just so stinking cute. A tiny crate, some wooden dowels, and red paint come together for the sweetest little container. Fill it up with Kisses, of course!

“Burst” of Love Class Cards by @thebargainsisters

Need a bunch of cards for the kids’ classmates? I love this cute and easy idea! To make it really convenient, you can order the printable cards at the link in her bio, or take some “inspo” (such a TikTok word!) and create your own design. Either way, Valentine’s Day cards for the class = Done!

Countdown “Punch” Cups by @prettylittlediy

A Valentine’s Day version of an advent calendar, this fun craft is just right for a daily gift leading up to the big day. It’s simple and uses everyday materials like plastic cups and tissue paper. Plus, the kids will love punching the paper each day to see what’s hidden inside the cup.

Heart Art, Part 1 by @loveandrenovations

Y’all! Who knew a bunch of paper hearts taped to the wall could be so cute? As you can see, this Valentine’s Day TikTok craft is great for the whole family to do together. Get the tape and some construction paper hearts, and you have art!

Heart Art, Part 2 by @fromhousetohome

For something a little more understated and elegant, this simple art project might be just what you’re looking for. A bit of nautical rope fashioned into a heart and placed in a frame makes a lovely piece you’ll be proud to display.

Notes of Love by @craftylittlegnome

Part Valentine’s Day TikTok craft, part daily affirmation, this idea gives me all the feels! Now when your kids wake up each day, these little uplifting messages on their doors will get them started on a positive note. Also, peep the nod to Friends on this door. Could it BE any cuter?

Valentine’s Door Decor by @kristyncole

While we’re dishing on doors, let’s take the conversation out to the front door. After all, we decorate it for Christmas, so why not Valentine’s Day? This design is absolutely gorgeous, but you could certainly keep it simple with a Valentine’s-themed wreath and a garland if you like. Although if this mama can create such an amazing look while wearing a baby, I really have zero excuses.

Kitchen Inspiration by @rosalynndaniels

The kitchen needs love, too! At least, it needs some decor you’ll love. Treat jars, a tiered tray, chalk art, and a pretty tea towel are all on the menu in this Valentine’s Day TikTok craft idea.

ASL Card Craft by @happycamperlive

This simple card truly says it all. Tracing your child’s hand and using the cutout to form the American Sign Language sign for “I love you” makes this sweet card a way to send a message while teaching about inclusivity. I absolutely adore it.

Framed Gift Bag by @dolldimeskay

A $2 craft made from nothing more than a gift bag and a frame? Sign me up! In fact, this idea can take you way beyond Valentine’s Day. Simply find a gorgeous gift bag for whatever holiday (or birthday!) you’re celebrating, and frame that baby. Next thing you know, you’ve got the centerpiece for a beautiful vignette.

So there you have it! Ten Valentine’s Day TikTok crafts to have you seeing hearts and flowers this season. I hope you find something you’d love to make!

Valentine's Day TikTok Crafts
Have a lovely Valentine’s Day!
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