5 Important Mantras to Ease Back-To-School Worry

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For many, back to school can mean back to school STRESS. As a mama to a little one starting Kindergarten, and who has special needs, I know that changing routines and getting into a groove can be challenging. But, with pre-K under our belt, in the last year I’ve found some great reminders that have helped me stay chill even during those running-late, tough report sort of days.

So, grab a notebook, and jot down these 5 important mantras to ease back-to-school worry

5 Important Mantras to Ease Back-To-School Worry

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1. It gets better. Don’t let the first day, or first week, or even first MONTH define your expectations for the year! Ideally, things go absolutely smoothly from the first drop-off. But, if they don’t, remember to give your family time to adjust. And, be open to changing things up – just because a tactic or routine worked last year, doesn’t mean it will be the golden ticket this fall!


2. Let the teacher do their job, and let yourself be the mom. You will feel every emotion of a rough OR great day MUCH more intensely than a teacher or aide. Supporting your child and making the transition easy at home can be your focus, as teaching staff work thing through in the classroom.  Obviously, advocating for your child is important, and communicating openly with a teacher is always a great idea. But, keep in mind that molehills can easily turn into mountains those first weeks back to school.

3. Remember that kids may struggle at home after a great day at school. Being on your best behavior and giving 110% in the classroom can backfire. Remember that your kiddos may crash BIG TIME after a day of hard work at school. Read about “after-school restraint collapse” here. Also, see #1.

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4. You WILL work through any issues. Trust yourself and your parenting, and remember that everything may not be a quick fix, but that you can tackle anything that’s thrown at you. From new socks that are too scratchy or uneaten lunches (but check out Kim’s tips here to prevent that) to bigger things like poor grades or learning challenges, remember that you have the tools to take steps in the right direction, and you are exactly who your child needs to be successful!

5. Anticipate good things! Will there be tough days? Yep. But, there will also be SO many new skills learned, new friends made, and milestones reached. It’s easy to prepare for the worst, but also be ready to welcome the sweet, exciting growth of your child as well!

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What reminders or mantras help you through big family transitions, like going back to school?


I hope you found these 5 important mantras to ease back-to-school worry helpful! After making this list for myself over the last year, I ended up jotting down several other pages of truths and reminders for areas of my life that tend to seem overwhelming. Are there other areas of your life where this exercise might be helpful?





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