A Mom’s Thank You to Emily’s Wonder Lab, Good Job Netflix

Two cute children at chemistry lesson making experiments

This week, in the craziness that was the first week of e-learning, we took a reprieve in a new kids tv show, Emily’s Wonder Lab. Anytime there’s a new television show, I’m much more attentive in watching to make sure it’s something appropriate for my 5-year-old. In reading the description, I noticed it’s a show that gets kids excited about science. As we began to watch the show, I realized it was so much more than that. As a mom, I was so excited about the little ways it created excitement while educating my kids. It’s a great show for kids. And so I say to Netflix, this is a mom’s thank you to Emily’s Wonder Lab.

Emily’s Wonder lab takes STEAM activities and makes them fun for kids. STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math. It’s an integrated approach to looking at solving problems in real-life situations. According to Left-Brain Craft-Brain, It helps kids to

  • Ask questions
  • Connect the dots
  • Problem solve
  • Think creatively
  • Be innovative

Emily’s Wonder Lab is recommended for ages 5 to 7, but it also held my 3-year-old’s attention as well. It also kept my attention for the following reasons:

  1. Female Scientist

I love Bill Nye, as much as the next person, but seeing a female scientist teach kids on television is needed. We are blessed in our family, as we have a female scientist in our family. We often talk about family members to the kids so they understand the importance of celebrating the accomplishments of individuals. My children know that their Aunt Rachel is a scientist who helps develop medicine to get rid of sickness. It’s a lot easier than explaining that she has a neuroimmunologist. However, we realize that not everyone has this type of role model, so seeing a female scientist on the screen was refreshing.

2. A Pregnant, Female Scientist

While seeing a female scientist was great, seeing a pregnant, female scientist was surprising and praisable. Yes, I realize that simply being a mother is not universally considered an accomplishment. However, how many times are we seeing pregnant women portrayed on television in a leadership role?


The answer is NOT enough. Also, it’s not even mentioned during the show. Instead, they focus on the science, the experiments, and what they are there to do. Also, something I found admirable.

3. Talking to Kids as People

Emily speaks to the kids using scientific terms. Explaining viscosity, polymers, atoms, and more, in a way that kids can understand. I loved that she combined scientific terms in a way that was exciting for kids. Combining learning and fun is something we are all looking for especially right now.

kid on the floor with tile puzzle spelling thank you4. A Reprieve for Parents

Right now, as a mom of a 5-year-old starting kindergarten online, while teaching my 3-year-old in a Montessori style learning environment along with my 5-month-old and juggling a few part-time jobs, I’m a little spent. So after school, as I’m trying to prepare dinner, I need to put the television on. But there’s only so many little kids shows I can take. When I saw, Emily’s Wonder Lab, I was immediately intrigued. And as an adult, finding a children’s show that doesn’t drive you nuts can sometimes be a diamond in the rough. While my kids were entranced by Emily and her little scientists, the house was quiet except for exclamations when she asked a question.

5. Getting Kids Excited About Education

My son asked if we could get six bottles to create our own tornados as they did on the tv. This sparked a fascination in my 5-year-old who had just spent 6 hours learning already. That’s an impressive feat to the say the list. I also love that he wanted to do something hands-on. He was telling me how we could create a swimming pool in our backyard to make the slime experiment too. I could see the wheels turning and his excitement.

If you don’t have Netflix, you can check out short videos on YouTube from Netflix Jr.

Ultimately, I give Emily’s Wonder Lab, two-thumbs up. So I say thank you to Emily’s Wonder Lab and good job Netflix. Thanks for featuring a female, pregnant scientist, for keeping my kids engaged and for getting them excited about learning when a tired mom just needs a minute.

“Stay curious and keep exploring.”