Easy Monday Night GHOULash (in 5 ingredients or less)

Easy GoulashThis time of the year is madness!! I can’t look at the calendar without feeling a little weak in the knees. There is hardly a square without scribbles! If you, like me, haven’t even had time to go to the store, try out this easy spin on goulash. I like to emphasize the GHOUL in the name to get the kids to eat it! They are always more adventurous when the name is fun…GHOULash

First, a bit of history. Goulash, typically, is a stew of meat, noodles, and vegetables. You will find them seasoned with a variety of spices. Originating from Hungary, this dish became popular in Central Europe and anywhere else that had lots of meat!

I’m on a low-carb eating plan, so I left off the noodles for me. You can literally serve this over whatever you’d like (from a baked potato to rice). By making it less soupy, you can eat it by itself. Also, I let the ingredients be my guide. No special trips to the store for this one—just use whatcha got!

GHOULash Ingredients:

  • Ready cooked chicken strips (Tyson grilled strips were BOGO, so I had a bunch on hand.  You can also use yesterday’s rotisserie.)
  • Can of chopped tomatoes
  • Can of black beans
  • Frozen mixed vegetables
  • Seasoning of your choice (I use Sazon Tropical. It is delicious and I highly recommend getting some. It adds pizzazz to boring food.)

Put the frozen vegetables in a pan on your stovetop. Using med-high heat, cook the veggies and then drain the excess water. Add beans and tomatoes and chopped chicken. Stir to heat through. Season to taste.

That’s it. My two girls ate most of it, picking around to find the veggies they liked and eating the chicken. I tried to come up with gross Halloween inspired names for all of the items in there, which makes them laugh. I make sure to act “grossed out” when they eat the boogers/peas, bugs/beans, or chunks of brains/tomatoes. You get the idea! My leftovers went into lunch containers for me for the week.

GHOULash Dinner. Done.