Fresh Spring Snacks for Kids

Food is constant. We are always buying it at the grocery store, preparing it, and serving it. And with small kids, snacking seems to never cease. So this season, we are focusing on spring snacks.

It’s easy to get into food ruts. We make what we know, what is on-hand, and what we get in the habit of doing. If you’re looking to mix it up and try some fresh spring snacks for kids, then here are some easy ideas to get you going.


Strawberries (or any other type of fruit) and vanilla yogurt with sprinkles. My kids love strawberries. By chopping them, mixing them with yogurt, and then adding a dash of sprinkles, we’ve transformed a regular snack into a delightful treat.

Carrot, orange, and mango smoothie. Smoothies are a fun way to mix up flavors and try new things. I usually limit one veggie per smoothie to keep in on the sweeter side. You can also add yogurt to the mix.

Banana slices with chocolate syrup drizzle. Chocolate drizzle can make almost anything magical. Whipped cream could also be added, but then let’s be honest… it’s pretty much just dessert at that point.

Blueberries and whipped cream. Blueberries are one of those fruits that can be really tart. A touch of whipped cream or even a little yogurt can help to balance the bitterness for young tongues.

Orange slices. So simple, and yet so fresh and good.


Cucumber slices or sticks with ranch dip. My son will eat them plain. My daughter will too, but she prefers a fun dip.

Shredded carrots and hummus. Regular carrot sticks are hard for a toddler to chew. Shredded is a great, safe way to serve them. Mixing them with hummus makes for a yummy and healthy snack.

Pepper slices and string cheese. Peppers are an excellent way to expand your kid’s tastes. They are dynamic enough without being all-out wild. My kids love to munch on some crunchy pepper slices.

Other Spring Snacks

Cheerios, fruity circles, organic o’s, or whatever your choice. Mama loves this snack. Let’s face it, a handful of these things can take forever to eat because they are practically an occupational therapy exercise for little fingers. Serve a tray of these, and mama might have enough time to prep dinner.

Avocado toast. The texture of avocado can mess with little ones. Kids sometimes just aren’t sure about it. I’ve found that spreading it on toast is a good combination for kids. For some strange reason, they always love bread.

Frozen yogurt dollops. This snack is easy and fresh and is my favorite alternative to expensive yogurt melts from the store. Kids love it. It just requires a little pre-planning so that it’s ready when you need to serve it. Spoon drops of yogurt onto a clean baking sheet. Place in the freezer. Give about 30 minutes to freeze. Kids love this creative way to snack on yogurt.

I’d love to know if you try any of these and if any of them become new hits with your kids. Please let us know in the comments below.

Happy spring snacking!

Naomi moved with her family to Tampa in the summer of 2017. She loves playing at the parks, museums, and zoo with her two kids. She also enjoys attending a local Bible study, seeing live music, reading actual books, running, eating good food, and drinking delicious dark beer. Naomi stopped working to become a stay at home mom in the fall of 2018. Naomi is married to her best friend, Dan. They have two kids - a little girl, Coco and a toddler boy, Ranger. Naomi has an English degree from the University of Florida, and has worked for the US House, owned her own business, run a non-profit, and taught English.