Yummy Easter Desserts for All Skill Levels

Easter is a great time to show off your baking skills (if you have them), but a lot of us don’t have time or creativity to make desserts from scratch. Pinterest can be some mom’s go-to but the vast amount of search results can be overwhelming. Who has the time to endlessly scroll through recipes with so many get-togethers, potlucks, and events quickly coming up? Let me save you some time by giving you all of the must-try recipes of the season, sorted by difficulty. I couldn’t resist trying a few myself!

Easy  aka “Save Your Sanity/Kids Can Help”

Deconstructed Bunny Patch Pudding Cup

Bunny Patch Pudding Cups

These were a big hit with my son. This recipe is quick and easy using store-bought pudding cups, cookies, and candies. He quickly took it apart. I got one bite, which I found really tasty with the Oreo cookie crumbs.

Peeps Easter Bunny Dirt Cake

One step further than Bunny Patch Pudding Cups is the Easter Bunny Dirt Cake. It’s the same concept but on a larger scale appropriate to bring to any potluck or family gathering.

Rice Krispie Easter Eggs

Four ingredients, enough said. And if you’re making Rice Krispie’s anyway, check out these Rice Krispie Nests that look fun to make. Two Easter treats in one!


Medium aka “My Kids Are Distracted”

Easter Crack White Chocolate Toffee

Easter Crack White Chocolate Toffee

This recipe sounded so good that we had to taste test it immediately. Trust me, it’s as addicting as it sounds. I had never made toffee before, but it was surprisingly easy.

Funfetti Cake Mix Cookies

This recipe uses Funfetti cake box mix and spring colored M&M’s, making it not only easy but also the perfect Easter cookie.


Hard aka “For When My Kitchen Is a Child Free Zone/Only In My Dreams”

Bunny Butt Easter Cupcakes 

It is all about the decorating in this recipe, so you can easily substitute store-bought chocolate cupcakes to save time. These adorable little cupcakes would be the delight of any Easter celebration.

Easter Basket Cake

Okay, so we have all seen the Easter basket cake. It’s probably one of the most overdone Springtime cake of all time. Still, there are few things besides bunnies that bring about thoughts of Easter. What I like about this recipe is that it uses yummy Pirouette wafers to mimic basket weave for a modern twist on a classic family favorite.

Bonus Recipe: A Lighter Version aka “Guilt Lite”

Skinny Easter Egg Cake Balls

Egg whites and Greek yogurt make this cake lighter than your average Easter cake. Kids would enjoy decorating the cake balls to look like Easter eggs.

If you’re looking for Easter Dinner ideas, check out Kelly’s post. And for even more Easter fun check out Karimah’s post on Egg Decorating.

Whether homemade or store-bought, what matters is that you make the effort to create holiday memories. What Easter desserts are a hit with YOUR family and friends?




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