Tips for Making the Most of Under the Bed Storage

The space under the bed is an ideal place to put objects. Especially ones not used on a daily basis and usually take up a lot of space in closets. But to preserve their cleanliness, it is convenient to isolate them from dust by using wooden boxes, platforms, or drawers. This article reviews the objects that should be kept under the bed, tips to make the most of under the bed storage and how to prepare beds for storage recommended by

Objects to keep under the bed

The space under the bed, on many occasions, is nothing more than a forgotten corner that collects dust. However, you can convert the space into valuable storage. Although it is not easily accessible, it can be useful as a place to allocate objects such as those listed below:

  • Out of season clothing, such as warm clothing in summer or beach clothing in winter.
  • Replacement blankets, duvets, and sheets.
  • Sporting goods, especially those of the seasons. From surfboards to skis, but also others that are not used as much, such as golf clubs, rackets, balls, etc.
  • Toys. This is an excellent option for parents: keep things in the children’s room in drawers or baskets that, at the end of the day, get under the bed.
  • Camping equipment. This category includes tents, sleeping bags, inflatable mattresses, special dishes, lanterns, and other objects that are used only for traveling. For safety, you must be careful to avoid putting flammable or toxic substances under the bed that can give off unpleasant odors.
  • We don’t print photos as much as we used to. Therefore, photo albums take up a lot of space and aren’t looked at very often. For such cases, having them under the bed is also a good alternative.

Tips to make the most of under the bed storage

It is important to protect, especially from dust, items stored under the bed. It is a site that is difficult to access and, therefore, also difficult to clean. So it will have to be wrapped or stored in covered compartments. Otherwise, when needed, they will be covered in dust and require laborious hygiene, or could even be unusable.

To store and protect objects stored under the bed, you can use one of the following systems:

  • Cardboard boxes. This is the cheapest option but doesn’t last very long. In any case, it is advisable to choose the firmer and more resistant ones. And not overload them, to prevent them from deforming or breaking. If they are still visible under the bed, a good alternative is to cover them with special designs. Another option is to integrate them into the decoration of the room. If the walls are wallpaper, the same paper, or at least the same motif can be used for the boxes.
  • Wicker baskets. They are stronger than cardboard and also provide a touch of warmth in the decoration of the bedroom. On the other hand, they accumulate a lot of dust in the interstices of the fabric that later is difficult to clean.
  • Wooden drawers. In many models of beds, the wooden drawers are incorporated into the structure. These types of beds are already prepared to take advantage of this space. If the bed does not have these drawers, they can be ordered to measure in carpentry. It is advisable to find the most appropriate size for each need since if they are very small, space can be wasted. But if they are very large, they can be too heavy and difficult to move when full. As for the length, it is appropriate that they are long enough to take advantage of the surface of the bed. You can easily access it from both sides.
  • Storage modules. They adapt to each type of bed and come in different colors and materials, such as wood and plastic. There are also different models, with sliding, folding lids, etc. They are very practical and easy to clean.
  • Plates with wheels. These are a creative alternative for storing everyday objects since it is a mobile surface. It can be very practical for objects that do not have a fixed location, such as shoes, bags, or children’s toys.

What to store under children’s beds?

Since children have a lot of equipment, it makes sense to use under the bed storage. If you work with your children to organize it properly (and according to their logic), you will motivate them to keep the space themselves. Items that work well under children’s beds include:

  • Toys they use often
  • Books, stored in roll-up containers with the spines up
  • Clothes out of season
  • Puzzles and games, especially flat or narrow packages

Beds prepared for storage

Many models of beds on the market are already specially designed for storage. There are classic drawers accessible on both sides of the bed. And also with a folding elastic system, it allows the mattress to be easily lifted (through pneumatic systems). It acts as a cover to store what you want underneath. This folding system expands the possibilities since it makes it possible to store large objects with much greater comfort. And presents the additional advantage of protecting your interior from dust and dirt from day to day.

You can also buy a bed that offers more storage space. We recommend installing built-in cabinets, drawers, storage units, hooks, or baskets. They should all be at a height and position that are easy for children to access.

Also, you can label the shelves and bins to help the child to know where some objects are. If the little one still can’t read, you can include photos and symbols.

Depending on the age of the child, you may have to help the little one to start the cleaning and placing things at the right place and use all the spaces to store their stuff. For younger children, you can play games or tell stories that promote cleanliness. This teaches them values ​​such as independence and responsibility for their things. These fun activities help to calm the mess and put a bit of sanity in the children’s rooms.

Diana Forest, a working mother and a writer, who likes to share her journey as a mom. She has worked in the healthcare industry for a decade.

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