7 Easy DIY Halloween Costumes for Kids

I can’t believe Halloween is almost here! Have you decided to make costumes for the little ones this year? Are you having trouble finding something that doesn’t require seamstress skills? Have no fear!  I found 7 adorable and fun kids Halloween costumes that are easy to make. Create a Halloween costume your child will be proud to show off that’s also affordable.


If your kids love firefighters, this is the perfect costume to create. Dress your child in a white shirt and black pants.  I was able to find the top and bottom at Walmart for about $4 each. I purchased the yellow duct tape at my local fabric store for under $3 with a coupon. Cover a spray bottle in red and black duct tape ($1 each at the Dollar Tree) to create the fire extinguisher. Last, complete the look by printing a fireman’s badge and wearing a helmet that can be purchased at a party supply store. If you would like to add something extra to the costume, create an air tank.  I suggest using a smaller vinyl tubing because the 1/2″ was tough to get inside the bottle and cap. Also, 1-2 feet is more than enough for this project.

diy kid's firefighter costumediy firefighter costumediy firefighter costume with air tank diy fireman costume

Traffic Light

This adorable look was fun to make. I was able to purchase the top at the Dollar Tree and felt from the local craft store. If you want to add some sparkle to this costume, use sequins for the colors of the traffic light. Finally, make a pedestrian light sign using cardboard and a print out.

diy traffic light costume for toddler
Bag of Groceries

Looking for an eco-friendly costume? This hilarious and creative costume will definitely be a show stopper. Save your child’s favorite snacks to attach to the inside of the bag. Also, use duct tape to create straps to hold up the bag. If you want to make it more sturdy, wrap the paper bag around a box.

bag of groceries costumebag of groceries kid costume


This simple but classic costume can be used year round.  You can make this while your child is taking a nap or during a television commercial break. I purchased the adult white shirt from Walmart for less than $3.  Then, I used red felt to create the cross but a red marker works too. The headband for the stethoscope was purchased at the Dollar Tree and felt from the local craft store. You can find most of the items in the doctor’s kit at home or your local pharmacy.

diy doctor's coatdiy doctor costumediy doctor costume for toddlerdiy doctor's kit

Safari Explorer

Dress your young explorer in khaki shorts and a white shirt. You can get a paper bag from your local grocery store to create the vest. The binoculars are made from empty toilet paper tubes and felt pads. Complete this fun look with a giraffe or other “wild” animal.

toddler safari explorer

Pumpkin Pi

Who doesn’t love a good pun costume? I was able to purchase the shirt, pumpkin and headband from the Dollar Tree. The entire costume was only $3!! I used my glue gun to attach the pumpkin to the headband. You can also use super glue. I cut the Greek letter pi out of black felt then glued it to the shirt. Finally, dress your child in black pants or a tulle skirt with some cool Halloween socks.

pumpkin pi costume


Here’s another classic costume that can be used year round. You can complete this look with a parrot, sword or eye patch. Also, adding temporary tattoos to the arms and a fake mustache will give your little pirate an authentic look. Your child will have fun collecting Halloween treasures in this costume.

kid's pirate costumediy pirate costume for kids

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