Party to Infinity and Beyond

We wanted to celebrate our son turning 2 last week.  I have so much fun celebrating birthdays.  I love the decorations, the cake, and the fact that we’re celebrating another year with someone we love.  We focus really hard on keeping the parties very small with just a few family members and friends.

Tate Birthday

This year, we wanted to celebrate our very own Buzz Lightyear with a party around the same theme.  We included a lot of store bought items, a lot of diy touches, and a lot of love!

Tate Birthday 007

For one thing, the cupcakes were from Publix, while his small cake was made to look like the claw machine aliens, you know, “Ooooh, the claaaaw!” I baked a very small, (6in X 2in) round cake and used the neon food coloring to make the color.  I did something like 25 green drops and 2 blue.  Then I drew on the face.  It was a total hit!Tate Birthday 005

The menu was SUPER easy!  We had… Pizza.  I used a poster board and tissue paper to make this rocket ship.  I did a Google image search for the font and did the best I could with a magic marker to create the font.

Tate Birthday 002

A very simple touch was this banner.  I bought glitter paper and cut it into cards.  then I cut triangles out of the bottom and taped them to string.  I thought it was beautiful, yet still appropriate for a boy’s party!Tate Birthday 009

I was inspired by both the aliens and Disney minimalist art posters that I saw on Pinterest for the head lanterns.  Simple circles taped onto the lanterns and there you have it!

At the end of the day, this party was such a success.  The birthday boy had a great time!


  1. Cute idea! I’ve already been scouring Pinterest for ideas for my little boys first birthday in November. Plan on a country fair theme.

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