Why Do People Litter?

Why Do People Litter?

My husband is the eternal pessimist.  He can find the negative in just about everything.  That sounds harsh I suppose, let’s say that he is really good at pointing out how things can improve.  Where I am the exact opposite (which I figure is good for us in some way…opposites attract, right?!). I am the optimist.  The sky is always blue, there is good in everything, I don’t notice the dying flowers, but the blooming ones.  You get the idea.

For a while now, I have listened to my husband complain about the trash he sees all over the place.  Parking lots, streets, side walks, water, everywhere.  To which I would always respond with “Honey, it’s not that bad, you are over-exaggerating.”

Then one day on my morning run I saw a BATH TUB on the side of the road.

Yes, a BATH TUB.

Someone threw an old, nasty BATH TUB on the side of the road.

Why in the world would someone do that?  What in their heads makes them think that throwing a bath tub on the side of the road is okay?

So, as I ran the rest of the way home I saw it.

Trash everywhere.  The bags, the wrappers, empty fast food bags, the beer bottles and cans.  I was so disappointed.  So sad.

So I ask of you and everyone else out there, WHY DO PEOPLE LITTER?

Is your car so full of trash that it just flew out the window?  If so, there are trash cans at just about every store, gas station, and restaurant in the country…empty it out on your next stop.

Are you drinking and driving and you don’t want to get caught so you throw the beer can out the window?  If so, maybe you should consider not breaking the law and hold off on the beer until you get home. 

Are you under-age and drinking while you are out and about and don’t want your parents to find out?  Here’s an idea…wait until you are of age and drink when you don’t have to hide.

Did you get a new bath tub or new mattress and you don’t know what to do with the old one?  How about disposing of it properly?  There are actually companies that actually handle trash and waste disposal. 

Do you not own a trash can at your house, so you think the world is your trash can?  If so, please consider stop buying the stuff that you are throwing outside for a day and buy a trash can at the local store.  I promise you, they are not that expensive. Again, there are trash cans at just about every store, gas station, and restaurant…stop at one if you have to.

Are you too lazy to throw trash away?  If so…WHAT?!

I honestly can’t think of any other reason why people would litter, if you know why…please let me know, because I just can’t wrap my head around the idea why people think it’s okay to treat the Earth as a trash can.

Why Do People Liter?

The other day I pulled into Target and I saw mattresses, car parts, couches and more all over the empty lot adjacent to Target.  I was so annoyed!  I didn’t dare to bring it up to my husband, he would just get all upset and it would do no good.  When I got home, the phone rang.

It was the county.  Pasco County.  They were calling my husband to let him know that they received his complaint about the trash all over the parking lot at Target.  I guess my hubby went to Starbucks at Target that morning.  I took the opportunity to actually ask the gentleman why in the world it was that bad, why is there so much trash there.

Why Do People Liter?

He replied “It just happens, as long as there is vacant property, people will trash it.  It’s just how it is.”

Ummm…WHAT?  WHY?

In this world of bigger, better, faster have we forgotten the basics?  Have we forgotten how to respect?  Respect each other?  Respect each others property?  Respect this world that we live in?

I have two amazing children and I want their grandkids to grow up in a world that isn’t filled with trash all up and down the roads.

It’s disgusting.

Do YOU know why people litter?  Are you one of those people that does litter?  I would really, honestly, and truly LOVE to know why people litter.  Please let me know, as I just don’t get it.

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