Surprise! We're pregnant.

We are expecting! Wait didn’t we just get married?! My husband and I found out we were pregnant just a couple months after saying I Do. It wasn’t planned but it was a welcome surprise. I hadn’t been feeling well and had a hunch of what it could be. One morning I decided to take a test. What do you know? It was positive. I was shocked but excited. John was at work when I took the test. We had plans that evening to go to dinner and see Trans Siberian Orchestra. I decided I would tell him at dinner.

I went to Babies R Us that afternoon and bought a baby Bengals jersey. John is a huge Bengals fan. I wrapped it up and hid it in my purse. It was so hard to act normal once he got home. We got ready and headed to the restaurant. We got seated and ordered. I then couldn’t wait any longer. I gave him the tiny wrapped box. The look on John’s face was priceless. He held up the jersey and said it was too small. He was in complete shock once the wheels started turning.

We were both pretty speechless the rest of dinner.  We had smiles on our face the whole night. Both of us were happy but of course scared at the same time. After a pretty quiet dinner we called his mom and my parents to tell them the good news. Everyone was very excited and happy for us. We were going to see his dad in the next week so we told him the same way I told John.

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It was such a special time for us. We had always said we would wait at least a year to have kids. But God had other plans. I couldn’t be happier at how everything turned out. Now 5 years later my baby is starting Kindergarten today. I’m so proud of the little boy Nathan has become. Although a little piece of my heart is leaving today I’m excited to keep watching him grow. He has such a bright future in front of him.

How did you find out you were expecting? How did you tell everyone?

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