5 Simple Ways to Nurture Your Creative Self: Ideas and Tips to Get You Inspired

Nurturing your creative self is like exercise for your brain.  I’ve always considered myself a pretty crafty and creative person.  I mean, not in the sense that I can paint or draw (because I can’t), but I have always loved opportunities to let my creativity shine.  In a past life, I was a die hard scrapbooker.  I loved collecting all the special paper and stickers.  I had every type of scissor and cutter known to man.  That all ended abruptly when I had kids. 

As a teenager, I was in the band and orchestra.  I loved music and literature.  These days, the closest I get to classical music is watching an episode of Little Einsteins.  And Literature…forget about it, unless of course you consider 101 Knock, Knock Jokes a literary masterpiece.  Let’s face it, having kids changes the way we spend our free time.  We are so busy trying to create and participate in stimulating activities for our little ones, that sometimes we forget that it’s just as important for us to nurture our own creative side.  Here are 5 easy and fun ways to reconnect with your inner Picasso.

Strokes of Creativity 

My kids absolutely LOVE to color, paint, and dra.  They are always bringing their latest masterpieces home from school.  I love that they have the opportunity to express themselves through art.  Well now there is a way for us adults to do the same, except better.  It involves painting…and wine!  Businesses like Painting With a Twist and Paint The Town Tampa, offer step by step painting classes for individuals or groups.  The most amazing part is that you don’t have to have one shred of artistic ability to participate.  They lead you with easy to follow instructions, so at the end of class you have a beautiful work of art to hang on your wall at home.  The fact that you can bring your own wine doesn’t hurt when it comes to getting the creativity flowing! 

Serve Up Some Inspiration 

It’s easy to get stuck in a cooking rut.  We all do it…Taco Tuesday, Pasta Wednesday, and Pizza Friday.  Sometimes it hard to get inspired to prepare a new dish, but luckily there are tons of awesome cooking blogs and resources on the web!

Dig out of your food rut and get inspiration from food blogs.

A few of my favorites are Love and LemonsSeven Spoons, and Whats Cooking Good Looking.  If your not interested in researching new recipes yourself, maybe joining a mail order meal membership might be for you.  Companies like Blue Apron or Hello Fresh are perfect for busy families that enjoy exploring culinary options.  The ingredients are preselected, packaged, and delivered to your door step.  All you have to do is channel your inner Top Chef by reading the step by step instructions.  

Learn a New Skill 

Remember back in the day, when you wanted to learn something new, you had to go to the library and (gasp)…OPEN A BOOK?  Well luckily these days, literally anything you ever wanted to know is a click away.  I find myself using Youtube for everything ranging from, how to fix the garbage disposal, to lessons on how to play Pokémon.  My latest endeavor has been learning and becoming fluent in Spanish.  While studying the Spanish language, I’ve also been learning about the rich culture and amazing cuisine of Spain and Latin America.  Challenging yourself to learn something new and exciting can definitely spark the creativity!

Say Cheese 

Use photo editing Apps to add a filter and make your photo look professional.

Another way to get creative is to look at the world through a creative lens.  Or at least the lens of the camera on your phone.  Almost every moment of the day we have a camera at our fingertips.  Try using it to capture interesting or visually stimulating images in architecture or nature. 

You don’t have to be a professional photographer to take an awesome picture!  First, try zooming in to highlight details or hold the camera at an angle to get an interesting perspective in the shot.  Then download a photo editing App. There are a ton of easy to use Apps that can make your image look amazing.  Here are a few of my favorites.  I recommend PicMonkey and PicsArt Photo Studio and there are tons more.  After your photo has the perfect filter, and you have added the final touches, consider creating a canvas print, or photo collage to hang on your wall!  Websites like Canvas on Demand allow you to upload your high resolution photo and create an awe inspiring canvas for your home.

Inner Peace 

Often times our creativity is stifled by all the other “noise” we have in our life.  Take time for yourself.  Carving out as little as 5 minutes of quiet time per day, can allow those creative thoughts to flow.  Also try things like driving in the car with the radio off, or taking a walk while listening to soothing music.  These simple acts can help to quiet the mind and open up creative and inspiring thoughts.   

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