6 Fun and Cheap Valentine’s Ideas for Him

Valentines for HimValentine’s Day is only 2 weeks away! Do you struggle with trying to find the perfect gift for your husband or partner? My husband and I have been married for almost 14 years and I still get anxiety over Valentine’s Day. He has always been able to surprise me and spoil me on Valentine’s Day with the perfect gift; big or small.  Here are a few fun and cheap gift ideas that I found while searching for the perfect gift this year.

1. Text Message Love Bombs.  Send him some sexy, sweet and romantic text messages throughout the day and make him want to rush home from work to you. I think I may send him the “Call in sick – let’s spend the day together!” text.

Text Message Love Bombs
Text Message Love Bombs, Source: Stay at Home Susie

2. One Year of Date Nights. Print out a set of 12 cards to give him on Valentine’s Day and spark your romance all year round. You fill in the fun and unique date night on the back of the card and he can redeem them anytime during the month.

12 Months Date Nights
12 Months of Date Nights; Source: The Thinking Closet

3. Movie Night Date in a Box. Grab a movie and fill the box with popcorn, soda, and your favorite candy. Unwrap the box for a fun movie night at home (with or without the kids). Even better, pitch a tent in the backyard and watch a movie under the stars on your computer and cuddle to stay warm.

Movie Night Date in a Box
Movie Night Date in a Box, Source: Card Store

4. DIY Lipstick Print Picture Frame. Get all your fancy lipsticks out and kiss a piece of card stock leaving your kisses for him. Frame it in a simple picture frame and hang it in the bedroom (or office if he wants to take your kisses with him).

DIY Lipstick Print Valentine
DIY Lipstick Print Valentine, Source: Fresh Mommy Blog

5. Date Night Jar. On each stick you write a different date night idea. Play board games! Make out! Cuddle! Picnic in the park! Walk on the beach! Let him pull out a new date each week and plan to spend some quality time together.

Date Night Jar
Date Night Jar. Source: Personal Creations

6. Will you “Beer” my Valentine! Decorate his favorite 6 pack into a manly bouquet of flowers. Deliver it with dinner and a sexy note telling him what’s for dessert. Put the kids to bed early and have fun!

Will you Beer my Valentine
Will you Beer my Valentine, Source: 30 Minute Crafts

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to make your man feel special.  I think I’m going to have fun filling out the date night cards for the year and combine a few of these gifts for my own husband this year. What about you? 

Calley is an energetic mom of two (ages 4 and 10) and wife to a sports fan.  When she isn't playing with her kids or watching sports with her husband she enjoys blogging, crafts, and going to the beach.  She currently works full-time in social media for a cloth diaper company and has a passion for green living and the environment.  Calley and her family have lived in the Bay area for 8 years and survives on coffee and kickboxing.  You can find Calley on her blog The Eco Chic and follow her on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.


  1. Love these ideas! I am taking my husband on the Key West Express ferry down to Key West for an affordable Valentines Day suprise but needed some ideas for cute little things to gift and I found two here I plan to use. Thank you!

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