Stay at Home Date Night can be a Great Date Night

Any Kind of Date Night can be a Great Date NightWhen my kids were babies, Date Night seemed easier, than it does now. Ironically, Date Night may be even more necessary than it was then. Why? Well, things are busier. Both kids have activities after school and we run around a bit until each night we make it home for dinner, baths and bedtime. After which, as many parents do, and we are no different, the second half of the to do list is completed: dishes, bills, packing snacks and taking our own showers. Until we fall into bed and potentially watch another episode of Travelers, the Crown or Manhunt. Date Night is the opportunity to take time together and say, “I know you!” and turns out, “I still like you a whole bunch.”

At one point, we tried to take turns planning the once a month Date Night, but that quickly fell to the wayside. Mostly, because other events came up and those defaulted as the Date Night. However, we have done some classic Date Nights. We have done Painting with a Twist couples night or the old faithful dinner and a movie. We do enjoy going to concerts or trying new restaurants (we are currently on a mission to try the Top 50 in Tampa Bay.) Day time dates have been fun too. I love those because a lot of the time this has meant shopping at vintage shops and lunch somewhere quaint. Nevertheless, our very best Date Night nights have been at home with our girls tucked away in bed.

What makes an evening at home a Date Night rather than just a night? Intention. We don’t just fall into bed to watch a show, like usual, instead, if what is on the docket is watching something, we make popcorn, or make special snacks. We are sure to put those cell phones away and be in the moment, together.

Here are 3 easy stay at home “Date Nights”

Game Night.

We pull out games that are easy and fun to play with two people, like Yahtzee or Scrabble. Scrabble has been pretty cut throat at our house.

Bon Fire.

We have a small fire pit in the backyard and when it’s nippy outside, we set it up and hang out. Sometimes we add in s’mores, but other times it is just a nice place to sit and talk.

Cleaning out the Garage. Closet. Fill in your own blank.

I know what you are thinking, but I am serious. These are typically the most annoying tasks, but we put on some music and grab a couple of drinks. Occasionally, we will make it a drinking game for every item we weed out of the closet or pile to take for a charitable donation, we have a drink. The fun part is talking through the process and having a drink and listening to music. We used to do the same thing when we were dating but the activity was typically playing darts rather than cleaning out the closet.

The idea of Date Night is about taking time to be together. At the end of the day, the place and the activity are far less important than connecting with your spouse. Days get busy, those days turn into weeks, months and years fly by and it is up to us to capture the precious time now. So, whether you can make a swanky reservation at the newest cool restaurant or you order Uber Eats and you eat on the floor in front of the TV, have a Date Night!

Born on a frigid February morning in Florida, Christine Ortega Gaurkee entered the world. Her parents built their loving home in St. Petersburg which was supported by lifelong friends. This inspired her to become an educator and writer. Christy has been teaching for over 15 years, shaping and influences teenaged minds to think more about justice and inclusion. She enjoys jet-setting to new places whenever possible with her kind-hearted husband and sweet little girls, Lydia 7 and Vivian 5. In a beautifully busy life, Christy enjoys going to the movies, reading a good book and writing about it all.