The #IMOMSOHARD Getaway Tour: A Chat with Kristin and Jen

IMOMSOHARD Getaway Tour Tampa Sat March 12Despite this being the busiest leg of The #IMOMSOHARD tour with Jacksonville last night, Orlando tonight and Tampa tomorrow evening, Jen and Kristin were generous enough to sit down and chat with us yesterday. We talked about The #IMOMSOHARD Getaway Tour, juggling family and even hit on every mom’s favorite topic right now: Encanto!!!

Did you catch that mention of their Getaway Tour stopping in Tampa tomorrow? Yes, you read that right. Kristin Hensley and Jen Smedley will be here keeping it real about motherhood and sharing lots of laughs live tomorrow night at the Carol Morsani Hall in Downtown Tampa! After having to reschedule the Florida leg of The #IMOMSOHARD Getaway Tour a few times due to Covid, the ladies of #IMOMSOHARD are excited to be back, hanging with moms and doing shows!

How do they do it?!

If you’ve ever traveled with kids, you’re probably wondering how these two ladies hold it all together and manage to keep their sanity on the road. Us too! How do they do #allthethings?! If we had to guess, there may be a bottle of wine involved, but that’s just speculation!

With two national tours under their superwoman belts, these ladies apparently have got it pretty well figured out. Lucky for them, they are living their best lives kids-free on the Florida leg of The #IMOMSOHARD Getaway Tour, but that certainly isn’t always the case. They’ve hit the road with the family in tow–kids, husbands, aunties and all!! And shockingly, the only person who walked away scarred by this experience was their former tour manager! That’s pretty impressive if you ask us!

How do they keep their friendship strong?

After meeting in LA and realizing they were both from Nebraska, the comedic duo behind #IMOMSOHARD have been together ever since. They claim their relationship with each other is probably stronger than the one with their husbands and we don’t doubt it! Their friendship is built on tons of communication, understanding and shared experiences. And can you guess what the majority of those shared experiences are?! Being moms! It’s crazy how motherhood can bring two women together, isn’t it?!


The day wouldn’t be complete without Encanto coming up, would it?! So of course we couldn’t miss the opportunity to chat with Kristin and Jen about our shared love of this hit Disney animation. We’ll spare you any talk about Bruno and cut right to it. What is their favorite scene? Jen and Kristin both agree they love when the grandmother admits the way they have been doing things is wrong! And what character do they relate to most?! The main character, of course!

What is your favorite scene and what character do you relate to the most? Tell us in the comments below!!


We’d imagine after spending so much time with a friend there might be some awkward silences, but not for Kristin and Jen. “We never run out of stuff to talk about. Even after 3 flights yesterday, there was still so much to share!” If these two ladies have so much to talk about together, imagine what they will be sharing tomorrow night at the show! Get your tickets now at



Thank you Jen and Kristin for taking the time to chat with Tampa Bay Moms about The #IMOMSOHARD Getaway Tour, life, friendship and all things mom!

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