The Top 5 Reasons to Attend The Cat and Nat Live Show

cat and nat showYou probably know them from their hit series #MOMTRUTHS which sheds light on the comical, yet honest side of motherhood. Their mission has always been to bring laughter and a sense of community to women all over the world, and we’re so excited that they’ll be hitting up Tampa with their unscripted comedy show (with a hint of a variety show) aka The FUN Show. In preparation for the big day, we’ve put together this quick list of the FIVE REASONS 5 WHY you should attend the Cat and Nat Live Show…


1) It is something you will NEVER forget.

Stick with us for a second. As moms we often live on the hamster wheel. We do everything for tiny people all day and all night, and rarely do anything “FUN” for ourselves. Lord, we can barely make it to the bathroom for a “break” (and that is not a break that is a necessity in life). But here’s the thing, the kids, they are going to grow up. We spend so much time filling their memory bank we forget about ours. So, make it a mission to fill yours too, because you’ll never forget an experience, or doing something for yourself.

2) Moms don’t laugh enough.

We just don’t. As moms, we say “Oh, that was so funny” but we don’t just laugh out loud and let loose and have fun. We are so darn focused on making it though the day that laughter seems to be left to the kids. We still need to laugh, and The Cat & Nat FUN show is guaranteed to make you laugh more than you have in a longggggg time.

3) It is a bit naughty in the most fun way!

Oh gosh, we can’t ruin all the surprises but honestly, letting loose, and having fun with other women who are also there to have fun, is so refreshing. And well, the male dancer. YUP, don’t worry , they are not the full monty type dancer, because well, we don’t need to see it all now do we…or do we…LOL! But anyhoo, just the random surprise of a little bit naughty is SO MUCH FUN in the most awkward hilarious way.

4) You meet friends!

Yup, people come alone and leave with new people. It is like the most positive and welcoming environment you could ever imagine. One of the biggest comments they get after the show is, “I left meeting new friends” or “I came alone, but was so not alone, everyone around me surrounded me”. Seriously, it’s just the best.

5) It is a community.

It is a place where we celebrate this journey of motherhood. Motherhood truly is the most magical experience, and so hard to describe. You laugh, sometimes cry for the best reasons, you dance, you scream with joy, you connect with people, you connect with old friends, you make new ones. You just have to be there to get it. 
Don’t miss out!  Cat & Nat will be at the Straz Center on July 22nd. To get your tickets head to 
Sheriss is the founder of Tampa Bay Moms Blog and works full-time as a middle school special educator. Born and raised in the Tampa Bay area, she and her husband Johnny have lived in Boston, MA and Atlanta, GA, before once again calling Tampa home. They welcomed their sweet and high-spirited daughter Harper into the family in 2010. In her free time, Sheriss loves day-tripping, lazy evenings at the beach, searching for and discovering new adventures to go on with her family around the Bay area.