A Social Experiment: Paying it Forward with a Big, Happy Smile

I drive a lot during the day for my full-time job as a REALTOR. Every day I get up, get ready for the day, and drive myself to Starbucks for my vanilla mocha like a record on repeat. Every day there’s a “social experiment” that I just love to do. I know this will come to a surprise to you all, but it’s as simple as paying it forward with a smile. Have you ever done this? It is baffling to watch people’s reaction to something so simple. I think most people are taken back by a smile. They are probably thinking, “What is this lady doing? Does she want something? Does she want me to look and see if there’s food in her teeth?” Human reactions can be hilarious. According to a newly published article, smiling is a health benefit.

Every morning, my Starbucks crew gets a big smile from me in hopes it brightens their day. I may go to the grocery store and I walk the aisles and smile at people as I am shopping. Some turn white as if they’ve seen something scary ( which it could be me in the morning but…); while others smile back! I go to my bank, walk inside and look them in the eye and ask for a deposit while SMILING. They smile back. After a while, I notice it’s contagious and when I show up they smile at me! Smiling is therapeutic, at least for me. It helps me get through the ups and downs of the day.


My point in all of this is, something so simple, something that takes less effort than frowning, can have a HUGE impact on someone’s day, or week, and you may just start a pay it forward smile and not even know it. It’s definitely less expensive than a Starbuck’s coffee and probably more impactful.

So, here’s hoping you get up in the morning and do your own “social experiment” and just smile.


Kristy was born and raised in Omaha, Nebraska. She was brought up in a Catholic household, attended Catholic schools, played multiple sports and dance. Kristy had a great childhood traveling and hanging outside as most 1970's kids did. Meeting her husband in a local bar in Omaha, they married in 2000 and since then her life has been full speed ahead! Kristy has 2 healthy and unpredictable children that were born in Omaha. They spent most of their childhood there until the family moved to Jacksonville, FL, in 2012. They lived in St. John's County and just loved this area! In 2015, they were transferred, husband's new job, to Tampa, FL, where they currently reside in Odessa, FL. Kristy is a local REALTOR and very busy in her day to day appointments. Between, taking care of her kids and her husband, she has 2 labrador dogs, Bronx and Blue, that are a big part of her life as well.