A Letter to My Daughter as You Leave Elementary School

Dear Lovebug,

As the applause fades and you walk through the doors of elementary school for the last time, please forgive me as I cry. I know that you are excited for summer and for middle school to start. But me, I am sad. This is your final day as a child. Once you walk across the parking lot, you are no longer my little girl–you become a young lady. Here are things I want you to know:

I hope I have pressed upon you how important it is to stand up for everyone and to always speak your truth. Your real friends will support you and those that don’t aren’t real friends.

I hope I have shown you how to be a good friend without supporting the bad choices  friends sometimes make. 

I hope I have shown you how to be a leader with grace, kindness and firmness when needed. 

I hope I have shown you it’s okay to cry when needed, but to always get back up. Don’t let a stumble become a fall. 

I hope I have shown you how to love yourself and your body enough. That it is perfect how it is. 

I hope I have shown you how to stand up for yourself and to know your boundaries. No is a complete sentence. 

I hope I have shown you how to give more than you take, but to also take care of yourself. You can’t pour from an empty cup.

I hope I have shown you that when you argue with someone, resorting to name calling or insults is beneath you. Stick to the facts.

I hope I have shown you that it’s okay to outgrow friendships and relationships. Wish them well and carry them in your heart. Do not badmouth them. 

Middle School

You are now at an age where you will get crushes and people will develop crushes on you. Please remember its okay to say you aren’t interested, but do so with kindness. One day the tables will turn and you will have a crush that doesn’t feel the same. How would you like them to respond?

Many firsts will happen: first crush, first boy/girlfriend, first time holding hands, first kiss. Those are all exciting. Don’t let them be ruined by “too’s”: too fast, too pressured, too soon. You only get one first. Make sure he or she is worthy. 

Above all else, know how much I love you.


Brandi Eatman was raised in Ohio before moving to Florida in 1999. She has been married for ten years and has three children. On the weekends, Brandi and her family enjoy being outside and going to all the area beaches, and they are avid college football fans. Brandi is a photographer who loves to read and spend time with friends and family and enjoys her almost daily boot camps. Her guilty pleasures are crime tv shows, tacos, too much cream and sugar in her coffee, and Ohio State football.