This Is 30: Forget The Goals, Live This Life Right Now

“By the time I’m 30, I’ll be married with three kids, two boys and a girl. I’ll own my own home somewhere near the ocean and travel often with my family. I’ll be well-established in my career field with the freedom to raise my kids while continuing to work part-time on my own terms.”

Did you have a list like this?

celebrating another year of lifeI’ve always lived my life anticipating what’s next, always ready to take the next step. I was always proud to have a lot on my plate as I pushed myself to get ahead and reach so many milestones by age 30.

Now, as I actually approach 30, I guess I should feel accomplished because I checked off so many items on my “before I’m 30” list. But really, now I’m just wondering where the years went.

At 30, I feel like I’m exactly where I hoped I’d be when I began striving and pushing myself so long ago. But what I didn’t expect was that my health might suffer from my inability to relax.

So now here I sit, dealing with the effects of exhaustion from all my striving. And 30 is staring me in the face.

After postpartum complications knocked me off my feet and gave me a wake-up call this year, I’m not dreading this birthday anymore. I’m glad to still be here to celebrate one more year with the people I love. I want to enjoy each moment because I know tomorrow isn’t promised.

Live This Life Right Now

rethinking life goalsMy vow to myself at 30 is not to push myself and set more goals to check off.

As I begin my thirties, I just want to fully live this life right now. I don’t want to worry about tomorrow; I want to cherish today.

So, I’m shifting my focus from what’s next to what’s now. I want my thirties to be about enjoying the little everyday moments with my family and being grateful to God that I’m able to experience them.

I hope you’ll join me in forgetting goals and just focusing on living your life right now as you are.

Turn off the autopilot. Be present. Listen. Take it all in. Be still. Unplug. Play. Be silly. Don’t worry about whether you look silly. Open your heart. Don’t hold back.

Rediscover what matters.

What can you do to live more fully today?

An adventure-seeking mom, Alisha is constantly pursuing new experiences to feed her adventurous soul and encourage a courageous spirit in her two young kids. When she's not out adventuring with her family, she's juggling real estate and marketing communications consulting businesses from her home office in Lutz. When life gets hectic, she finds peace on her paddleboard. Growing up in Pittsburgh, Pa., she always dreamed of living by the water and eagerly dove into the Florida lifestyle in her college years. Join Alisha on a journey to live an adventurous life as a mom at


  1. I agree. I’ve always seen my 20s as having fun but working hard to become established. I graduated, got a job, lucked out on a short sale, traveled and got married. Your 20s are for building the foundation and your 30s are to reap the reward of that. I’ll be 30 in April and am pregnant with triplets. While some major changes are ahead, as expecting three kids at the same time when only planning for one may throw a wrench in my initial life plans, I am looking forward to being a mom (something I don’t think I would’ve said 5 years ago). I honestly believe that my 30s will be more fun with them here. We may not travel, I may not always be working, but we have a good foundation to raise our kids on. I look forward to the crazy moments coming our way.

    • Congratulations! That is an exciting way to begin your thirties. Enjoy the adventure and savor the sweet little moments!

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