Celebrating Valentine’s Day for Moms: Before vs After Kids

Once a year we celebrate Valentine’s Day. The holiday hasn’t changed but the way women celebrate definitely has from before kids vs after kids. Here are the differences for Valentine’s Day for moms.

The gifts 

Before kids wondering if your new necklace is 10k or 14k gold vs after kids wondering if it’s made of ziti or rigatoni. 

Before kids being surprised with a dozen red roses vs after being surprised with an unflushed poop in the toilet. 

The Dinner

Before kids making sure your reservations are made weeks in advance at an expensive restaurant vs after kids making sure your coupon for free delivery hasn’t expired for two large one-topping pizzas. 

Before kids sharing a chocolate ganache cake with two spoons vs after kids eating chewed up chocolate pieces that your little ones deemed “yucky”. 

The rest of the night…

Before kids wearing silky lingerie where you plan on getting no sleep (wink wink) vs after kids wearing stained sweats for the night where you pray you get SOME sleep. 

Before kids popping a bottle of champagne vs after kids popping a bottle of ibuprofen. 


Celebrating Love 

The biggest difference between Valentine’s Day before and after kids is the way I view love. When celebrating Valentine’s Day before kids I definitely was caught up in the greeting cards, flowers, and romantic love. Now I celebrate Valentine’s Day by celebrating ALL love with friends, family, and partners. My kids have changed the way I love altogether and I have the most fun celebrating my love with them. Valentine’s Day may not be as romantic or quiet as it used to but I wouldn’t change a thing.