16 Easter Crafts for Kids

Easter is almost here! Are you looking for a creative way to celebrate with your kids? You can enjoy this wonderful holiday with some fun and adorable artwork.  I know everyone celebrates Easter for different reasons so I have compiled a list that range from bunnies and eggs to religious paintings. These are my favorite Easter crafts that will help you embrace this special time of the year. I hope you have an “egg-cellent” time bonding with your family. Let’s hop to it!

Note: These projects were found via Pinterest and blogs. Do not expect the artwork to turn out perfect. Have fun and allow your child to display their artistic skills. Most of the supplies can be found at home or they are inexpensive.

1. Easter Egg Roller Painting.  This is a fun activity using plastic eggs. If you don’t have any marbles, go outside and search for rocks or mulch. Play some music while your child rolls the egg around the container. They can roll the egg slow or fast. Also, sprinkle some glitter to make the painting   look fabulous.

  1. Bubble Wrap Easter Eggs

    Everyone loves bubble wrap! This is a cool way to paint but try not to pop it until the end. Younger children may need help painting the bubble wrap if it is cut into squares.

  1. Bunny Peep Puffy Paint Craft.

    Marshmallow Peeps are very popular during Easter. If you are a huge fan, this will be a fun project to complete. Warning, things will get a bit messy. Also, for the best results use food coloring instead of paint.

  1. Q-tip Painted Easter Eggs.

    If you are looking for something simple, this is perfect. We only decorated one egg but you can use several.q-tip Easter craft

  1. Wine Cork Easter Egg Stamping.

    It’s time to put those corks to use with this cool craft. They can create different designs like stripes or zig zags. Once dried, it can be used as decoration or turned into a card.

  1. Carrot Craft.

    This is a fun craft stick project to complete with preschoolers or school age children. You can use the completed craft as place cards for Easter lunch or dinner. It will be a great conversation piece that the child can show off to family or friends.

  1. Plastic Egg Prints.

    An easy way to use all those plastic eggs for art is making prints. Make sure to mix things up by using different colors or varying egg sizes. plastic egg stamp prints

  1. Burlap Easter Egg Painting.

    A unique and easy craft that’s fun for all. If you do not want to make the egg, there’s different templates online.  burlap Easter prints

  1. Bunny Paper Plate Craft.

    An adorable project that can be used for creative play.

  1. Cross Suncatchers.

    The sun-catchers will make the perfect Easter decoration for families celebrating the holiday for religious reasons.

  1. Bunny Masks.

    A cute project that can be used after Easter.

  1. Tape Resist Cross Craft.

    This was a fun project with my toddler. He spent more time trying to paint the cross instead of around it. We used a variety of colors to create a beautiful masterpiece.watercolor cross artwork

  1. Paper Bunny Hiding in Grass.

     Here’s an adorable craft that’s easy to make. You can also turn this into a card for loved ones.

  1. Easter Cross Mosaic

    . This is a fun but meaningful project for the little ones. If you have more than one child, turn it into a game. You can challenge them to tear the most paper in two minutes. Be careful and have fun.

  1. Squeegee Paint Easter Eggs.

    A cool project for all ages. Once completed, hang them up as decoration or create a card. I love that you can create different patterns with a variety of color.

  1. Paint Filled Eggs on Canvas.

     I saved the best for last. This project is as fun as it sounds. Who doesn’t love throwing things? Once the empty egg shells are filled with paint, let the child go wild. This is definitely an outdoor activity. Your child can throw the eggs at different distances. Have fun! You can hang up the completed artwork at home or work. You can also give it away as a gift to a family member.

Do you have any other ideas for Easter crafts? Let me know if you have any suggestions for making this holiday “eggstra-special” with family.

Karimah Henry
Karimah is a SAHM residing in Wesley Chapel with her family. She is married to her husband of seven years. They have two adorable boys, a preschooler and a toddler. They also have a stubborn but loving dachshund who enjoys eating whatever his human brothers drops on the floor. Karimah grew up in Lakeland but became a Tampa resident after graduating from the University of South Florida. (Go BULLS!) Her weekdays are filled with fun activities like library programs, exploring the local playgrounds, visiting local theme parks and crafting at home (Pinterest mom). Karimah enjoys experimenting in the kitchen, participating in 5k races, watching Netflix, reading, traveling and spending time with family and friends. You can follow her on Instagram and Pinterest @craftingafunlife.


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