Calling All Crafters- Five Teacher Christmas Gift Ideas

The Christmas Holidays are just around the corner and only a couple of weeks away. Often this time of the year, I like to put my “crafty mama” skills to use for my family, friends and my kids’ teachers. I follow several crafty individuals on Pinterest, Youtube, and Instagram that inspire me to create many of my projects you will read about today. I will show you five Teacher Christmas gift ideas that are budget-friendly and fun to make.

Both of my girls are very different but what they have in common are amazing teachers in their life. We have been very fortunate to have great and influential teachers that have impacted them in their education journey from elementary school all the way to high school. Therefore, I often like to give my kids’ teachers gift cards along with a homemade gift. It can be something as simple as a card, personalized gift or some baked goods.

This holiday season, I wanted to make some fun teacher gifts that are easy to make and budget-friendly. I bought many of these supplies at the Dollar Tree, Target and craft stores such as Joann’s or Michaels.

Here are five Teacher Christmas gift ideas ranking them from easiest to hardest:

1. Mason Jar Gift- Level: Easy

I love mason jars and often have several around my craft room for many of my projects. You can also buy mason jars in most grocery and craft stores. In this photo, you’ll see I have two sizes: 24 oz. (large) and 12 oz. (medium). You can put your teacher’s favorite baked goods or candies in the mason jar and they are easy to decorate. I cut holiday material to 6×6 (med. Jar) and 8×8 (lg. Jar) to decorate the top of the jar and added some twine and ribbon. TIP: If you don’t want the material to fray, use pinking shears on the edges.

2. Glitter Ornament- Level: Easy but Messy

For this ornament, I was inspired by Makers Gonna Learn YouTube tutorial. Caution this project is messy. I bought the clear plastic ornaments at Target. You need a plastic cup, clear tacky glue or modge podge, glitter, ribbon and plastic ornament. I poured the glue inside of the ornament, made sure all sides were covered and turned it upside down in the plastic cup to get rid of the excess glue. Then you pour the glitter in the ornament and swirl it around. Turn upside in the plastic cup again to get rid of the excess glitter and let it dry for 20 minutes. You can attach the top on the ornament and add ribbon to hang on the tree. The red ornament was made with the clear tacky glue and was more of a swirl design and dried faster. The white ornament was made with modge podge and took a lot longer to dry. I would let it dry overnight. These are good gifts to also personalize for teachers.

For some more “DIY Christmas Ornaments Ideas”, check out Karimah’s post.

3. Holiday Kitchen Towel- Level: Medium

I always like to have some plain white kitchen towels handy for crafting. These towels were purchased on Amazon as a bundle set. I used my Cricut machine and easy press for this project. The iron-on colors were red, gold glitter and black. If you would like this image for your crafts DM me on Instagram and I’ll share it with you. TIP: Remember if you are using iron-on material to mirror your image before you cut it on your Cricut. If you don’t have a Cricut you can buy patches or sew some holiday material to the border of the towel.

4. Winter Gnome- Level: Medium but the fur is messy

I saw this one Youtube and fell in love with it. I followed the directions on Miriam’s Crafting Cottage Youtube tutorial. There are a lot of supplies for this craft: 3 socks (adult size is best), fur, twine or ribbon, hot glue gun, needle & thread, clear rubber bands, bell, stuffing, chalk/blush, rice, and a cup. TIP: Before you fill the sock with rice, insert in the cup and then fill it with rice. Depending on the size of your sock, it could take 4-5 cups of rice to fill your sock. This is a great Christmas gift for a teacher who loves home décor.

5. Personalized Coffee Cup- Level: Medium

This was probably the most expensive craft since I bought the 24 oz. stainless steel cup at Target and the image file from Etsy. Rebecca’s teacher is a fan of Starbucks so I wanted to personalize his cup with his gift card. The materials included: stainless cup, vinyl, transfer tape, scissors, and Cricut. I downloaded the design from Etsy and personalized it with his name in Cricut’s Design Space. The vinyl was cut and I put the materials on the transfer tape. I applied the 3X3 design on the cup and its done. TIP: Use rubbing alcohol before you apply the vinyl on the cup. This removes any excess lint on the cup. To remove the stickiness on any surface, I often use “Goo Gone” this is an amazing product to have handy for any craft project.

I hope these Teacher Christmas gift ideas inspired you. I enjoyed making them while playing Christmas music. Let me know what you think below or if you have any questions contact me via my social channels. Happy crafting!

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