The Start of School: Beginning Our Pre-kindergarten Adventure

I’m a stay at home mom of two non-school aged children. That title will change soon as my son will be starting VPK (voluntary pre-kindergarten) in August. I know it’s only a couple hours a day and it’ll be good, for the both of us. However, this is a whole new chapter and cautious feelings come along with that.

Our Own Routine 

I’ve been thankful to spend the last four years with him on our own time. We spent our days at the playground, parks or open gyms. Then, when his sister came along, we still went on our adventures, just more slowly. Our little world revolved around each other and while some days it could be overwhelming, it’s something I’ve always cherished.

Start of Pre-kindergarten 

The next adventure, a big one, will be school. It’ll be a part of his life from now and for at least the next 18 years. Five days a week he will have a start time (which I’ll try my very best to get him to on time) and an end time, that’s dictated by other people. It’ll be an adjustment for both of us. Now that I’m writing this I feel like it’ll mostly an adjustment for me. The biggest adjustment has to be sharing him and what causes the cautious feelings. As much as I have always wanted to show him the world, I’m not so ready to have the world be shown to him. 

Kids can be cruel. 

Adults can be dangerous. 

Life can be scary. 

Our New Adventures 

In spite of the cautious feelings, when August comes he will go to VPK. He will make friends, he will learn and he will grow into a better person than he already is. The good outweighs the bad. I’ll do my best and look forward to the show and tells, the homework and the pickup line. I’ll work on my own new adventure as being a mom to a school aged child. And although our world has gotten a bit bigger, he will always be what makes it go round.