Tips On Adjusting To Life In A Coronavirus World

As a special-needs-mom to a very special boy, I have been working overtime adapting to the new world of living in a Coronavirus world.

Two weeks before stay-at-home orders were in place, we took action. For instance, we canceled my son Samuel’s teacher, speech, and physical therapist. Thankfully, the teacher and therapists were all able to adapt to online teaching. In addition, we stopped taking Samuel shopping to his favorite box store and in-store grocery shopping. These are just a few of the immediate changes our family experienced.

Samuel & Mom
Samuel & Mom making adjustments in a coronavirus world.

As the weeks went on, we learned more about how to avoid the virus. Here are some things we learned that have helped us to make decisions as a family.


Who knew we’d be debating whether we should wear a mask as a part of everyday life. If you should wear a mask, the “how” is as important as the “why.” The good folks at Good Housekeeping share how to wear a mask properly.

Washing Hands

Dr. John Campbell from England shares an informative global round-up about the coronavirus on YouTube. He posted a video on how to wash your hands video on how to wash your hands with a technique I have been using ever since.

Eating In (or out)

We’ve been eating at home with exception of Pizza Hut which offers a “no-touch” pizza delivery service. We stopped all in-store grocery shopping and signed up for a delivery grocery service. If you’d like to learn more about grocery delivery or pick-up options, read last month’s blog. 


Is the coronavirus airborne? A study by the National Institute of Allergy & Infectious Diseases finds that aerosols and droplets can stay in the air for 30 minutes according to the New York Times article.

To get an idea of how aerosols can spread, watch this videovideo

More Tips

I asked my friends on Facebook what lifestyle changes they have made in the world of coronavirus. They shared the following tips:

  • Sterilize shopping carts with each use
  • Use delivery for pharmacy medications
  • Take a shower and wash clothes after grocery shopping or being in the public
  • Wash hands after opening the mail
  • Use masks and gloves when going shopping
  • Use gloves when fueling the car and throw away gloves before getting in the car

Thank you to Cecilia Marisett & Lisa Brisbois Dryer for sharing your tips. Cecilia’s why for taking extra precautions is to protect her husband who has cancer. Lisa’s why is she is at high-risk having heart disease.

What is your why? Which lifestyle changes have you adopted?

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