The Power of Gifting and Some Unique Ideas

I really should send a gift. Wait what does she need? Should I spend more than $50? Is it weird to send a gift? These are such common questions, but they can just stay simple. The power of gifting is so significant.

Surprise Gifts

We all know that birthdays, holidays, and milestones are the times to give gifts. Sometimes there are other times that we could send a unique gift with even more impact. Have you ever thought about sending a gift at a time when someone least expects it? The element of surprise can create a powerful and lasting impression. How about National Siblings Day or Juggling Day? Many times, gifts come in rapidly during the holidays and for birthdays, and it’s possible to forget who sent which gift. Stay unique, and the power of gifting will hold a lasting impression. Here are my favorite memorable gifts that definitely have stayed with me:

Top Gift Ideas

Curated gift boxes- (My most favorite) You can find a gorgeous gift box with specially selected items to fit your occasion or reason to gift. Most often boxes will come with a high-end candle, a personal product, and a treat. There are so many variations for both men and women. I love the idea of sending such a unique surprise for someone. In addition, when opening the gift, the whole unboxing process is special, it is apparent that this is something handpicked just for them. This gifting opportunity is also perfect for corporate gift options and can be branded for a business. It’s a great memorable choice, in lieu of the branded corporate swag, standard meat and cheese basket, or same old popcorn tin.

Handmade candles- Beautiful candles are always a classic. Sourcing locally made, small batches of clean, high quality, custom scented candles, elevates the experience. Find a maker with a sweet story with beautiful packaging, and you can take that gift to a different level.

Try an art kit or experience– Sometimes people need that little push out of their fear zone to create something. All of the supplies are prepared and ready to be used when receiving a curated project. A new creative outlet can be discovered and perhaps a lifelong hobby as well.

Themed Treats- If you can find an interest or something someone likes to create a surprise box for them – do it! For example, my friend is interested in Thai cooking, so I went to an Asian market to create a cooking and snack box filled with sauces, spices, and snacks from Thailand. It was not only exciting for the recipient but also for the shopper!

Mini-excursion- This one is something that you will have to consider for close friends or family, but it can be a great option. Quite often, we put off taking these little trips because there always seems to be something that takes precedence. When someone has it all planned out for you, it’s almost impossible to say no.

Solidify Relationships through the Power of Gifting

As we go forward and think about sending gifts, sending a unique gift has the power to solidify relationships. Gifting show gratitude, appreciation, and sometimes is an expression of love. Why not elevate your gifting to the next level and show someone your best efforts? What are some of the best gifts you have received, and why were they memorable?

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