A Mom’s Emotional Struggle of Having a College-bound Child

College Bound

Sitting here thinking about where the time went? I have my first college-bound child. These past few months I have been anticipating this but boy is this hard as she is demanding her independence, and I am asking for her to slow down. Will there ever be a happy medium?

This emotion of separation really sucks. She’s not 18 yet but in a few weeks will be. She’s asking to be treated like an adult and do adult things all the while still under my roof. This struggle is real. Do I say yes go and do whatever you’d like as you are 18 or do I stick to my guns and set the rules while shes still at home? Do I want to continue this battle with her in the remaining three months before she goes to college or do I give in for peace with her before she’s gone?

Did I do a good job raising her? Did I instill good morals in her? Will she continue to take care of herself, her health? Will she fall victim to the dangers in college or will she be able to stick up for herself and do what is right for her? These are my worries and fears for her. But does worry as a mom ever really stop?

So many emotions flying around every day from happy and proud to sad and worried. Cutting the cord the first time was so much easier. I remember her getting on the school bus for her first day of kindergarten when her backpack was bigger than her! I know we’ll make it through, but man this college thing just tugs at my heartstrings extra hard. Pretty soon we’ll be sitting at her high school graduation and while I’ll be very proud, I’ll also be sad to be sending my baby off to college. I want to focus on my hopes for her instead of my worry about what’s to come.

How did you deal with your children leaving the nest or going off to college?

Kristy was born and raised in Omaha, Nebraska. She was brought up in a Catholic household, attended Catholic schools, played multiple sports and dance. Kristy had a great childhood traveling and hanging outside as most 1970's kids did. Meeting her husband in a local bar in Omaha, they married in 2000 and since then her life has been full speed ahead! Kristy has 2 healthy and unpredictable children that were born in Omaha. They spent most of their childhood there until the family moved to Jacksonville, FL, in 2012. They lived in St. John's County and just loved this area! In 2015, they were transferred, husband's new job, to Tampa, FL, where they currently reside in Odessa, FL. Kristy is a local REALTOR and very busy in her day to day appointments. Between, taking care of her kids and her husband, she has 2 labrador dogs, Bronx and Blue, that are a big part of her life as well.