Grandparents Day Craft Roundup

Grandparents are great! They bring joy, happiness, and old fashioned fun into our childrens’ lives. Along with handed down words of advice and valuable life lessons.  Grandparents Day is Sunday, September 13th and this year we are going to surprise gramma with a few handmade goodies, but also include a few foods from her Irish background.


Here is  roundup of some cute kid crafted gifts that we have done and really like.

Pinch Pots This is a simple and fun project that any age can do. The older kids can add more detail while the younger can mix up some of their own colors.


 Personalized Mugs filled with a favorite tea or coffee.


We made this Grandkids sign a few years ago. Gramma still has it and we added enough for her to put pictures of all her grandkids.


A simple and colorful family tree. This one includes a separate sheet with questions like What did you do for fun? Did you have any pets? If you are like us and have a blended family there are tons of ideas.


The mason jar picture vase is fun for little kids that like to pick flowers for gramma. This is easy enough for the littler kids to do themselves, but with adult supervision.


There are so many great ways to tell the grandparents in your life what they mean to you.

How are you celebrating the grandparents in your life? 

Bernadette is a native Florida girl, originally from Palm Beach Gardens. Currently she can be found wandering around the St. Pete and Tampa Bay areas. Bernadette is a stay at home mom to 5 awesome kids. The boys are Glenn (13), Ben (12), and Garrett (5). The girls are Tierney (10) and Emmaleigh (4). Most of her days are pretty random and usually have some form of adventure, photography and craftiness to them. You can follow along on more of her day to day on Aimless Moments, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook.


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