How To Celebrate Women’s History Month with Your Kids


As a group of 30 women in Tampa Bay, we would be remiss if we didn’t acknowledge Women’s History Month. This month focuses on celebrating the trailblazing women who have impacted our history and inspire us. So, here’s a little background, education, and celebration highlighting Women’s History Month.


According to the National Women’s History Alliance, in 1987, Congress officially declared that March would be Women’s History Month.

From the first settlers who came to our shores, from the first American Indian families who befriended them, men and women have worked together to build this nation. Too often the women were unsung and sometimes their contributions went unnoticed. But the achievements, leadership, courage, strength and love of the women who built America was as vital as that of the men whose names we know so well.” ~ President, Jimmy Carter


Each year a different theme is chosen. And this year’s theme for 2022 is, “Women Providing Healing, Promoting Hope” The theme is “both a tribute to the ceaseless work of caregivers and frontline workers during this ongoing pandemic and also a recognition of the thousands of ways that women of all cultures have provided both healing and hope throughout history.”


As moms and parents, we owe it to our kids to give them as much knowledge as possible. But how do we teach them about Women’s History Month? The Huffington Post has a list of 17 Children’s Books to teach kids about Women’s History Month. These books range from Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls to Women in Science, books all highlighting women trailblazers.


Some kids learn better through hands-on activities. For example, make learning fun for your kids with these coloring pages of several women who have impacted our history. In addition, for older kids, try this word search.

Local Women to Celebrate

In the past, we’ve featured local moms that have inspired us. For example, Leslie Burket, a mom of 6, developed a solution for her kids and then turned it into a business. Talk about mom power! Take a look at her story.

We’ve also featured Andrea, whose daughter was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia and shared her story.

We would love to feature more inspirational moms in the Tampa Bay area. If you know a mom who inspires you, we’d love to hear about it.

Editor’s Note: We are asking our readers to share about local inspirational moms. We would like to bring you the stories of these amazing moms in the Tampa Bay area. If you know a mom who you’d like to see featured, please tell us about her at [email protected].


How are you teaching your kids about Women’s History Month?


“How To Celebrate Women’s History Month with Your Kids” was originally published by Kelly Kennedy on March 24th, 2019.