7 Really Good Mommy Instagrams

Mommy InstagramsInstagram is boss. It’s full of beauty and humor. Like all social media, it can be a mindless fall into the black hole of wasted time. But, it can also be a good mix of creativity and inspiration. I’ve found the distinction to be determined by how well I manage who it is I’m following. My aim is to make my Instagram feed into a sort of curated wall of cool. I approach Instagram like Pinterest, but with the expectation for more of a community feeling. Momming can be such an isolating experience. So, really good mommy Instagrams can sometime be just the right amount of “hey, look at that cool idea.”

So, since we’re pals and all, I’d like to help you find some of the really good mommy Instagrams that I love so much. From splashy and energetic to artfully serene, these particular profiles manage to open windows to lovely scenes without coming across as smug. They are so refreshing and full of good ideas. I hope you’ll enjoy.

The Work Space for Children

Am I a baby or am I big? ⭐️ Sloane is desperate to “be big” like her siblings, but she’s also very invested in her baby-self. As she moves from preschool to Kindergarten we are playing and talking a lot about what it means to be big, and whether you can be a big girl and still be a baby at the same time. I certainly don’t have all the answers, but here are some of the things I’m doing to support my girl as she explores her “big-ness”. ⭐️ What can you do now that you are five that you couldn’t do when you were four? ⭐️ Remember when you started school and you felt so small and shy? Now you feel big and important when you walk into school. ⭐️ Remember when you were a baby and I gave you a bottle in the morning? Now you know how to toast a waffle all by yourself! ⭐️ Come sit on my lap and I’ll sing you the songs I sang when you were little. You can pretend to be a tiny baby again and I’ll rock you in my arms. ⭐️ I loved you when you were a tiny baby, a toddler, and a big kid. I’ll love you when you are a teenager and a grownup. I’ll love you always, no matter what. ⭐️ #theworkspace #mommyblog #raisingcreativekids #momlessons #parentingdaily #parentinghacks #momofgirls #thebigkidyears #mindfulparenting #momdotme #writeyouonmyheart #momtruth #ohheymama #theycallmemom #mynameismama #teachermom

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by Lizzie Assa

self-described: Masters in Education, creative inspiration for a play based life with kids, honest motherhood, family lifestyle, play advocate, mom to three in New Jersey.

I love this Instagram. She does such a good job of capturing her kids in the moment. Lizzie shares info about many of the products they use, like paint sticks or building blocks, and she makes it all look so effortless. She will inspire you to set your kids up for more, self-guided free play.

The Imagination Tree

PLAYFUL MATHS AREA It’s been a while since I shared this open-ended maths investigation area! . ⭐️ . Containing a range of loose parts, containers, rulers, measuring tools, numbers and shapes, all ready for using in play. . ⭐️ . I’ve added a link to the full article which has lots more pictures of the kinds of items we included. Find it in my highlights under the 123 tab (this is in my profile.) you’ll find other links sorted by category there too! . ⭐️ . What are your favourite ways to promote counting, sorting and measuring in a playful way? I’d love to hear your ideas too. . ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ . #preschool #earlyyears #eyfsideas #eyfs #eyfsteacher #theimaginationtree #maths #playfullearning #prek

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by Anna

self-described: Multi-award-winning website, play and learning ideas for 0-11 yrs, EY teacher, mum of 4, author

Her ideas for play and learning are so well capture in single images. If you’re in a “what to do” craft rut with your kiddies, her page is a perfect place to check out. From flower painting to sifting through pasta for shapes, you’ll be surprised by how simple yet creative her activities are.

Kids Gifts and Toys

Big Hello || I thought I hadn't introduced myself in a while and as it was my birthday today, maybe today is the day! My name is Lizzie and I am a toy blogger and devotee to all things creative and fun… I am a mama of 2 boys, 8 and 5 who keep me on my toes with all their boundless energy. I have been blogging for over 4 years now and it all started when we were living in the toy capital of the world, Nuremberg. I had a desire to share my passion for the best in toys and to find the most awesome gifts for my kids and yours. Now based in Australia, I love to share toys that I have tested out with my kids, ones which are are timeless, that won't damage the earth and more than likely don't have batteries because well, #noise …I am a big believer in open ended toys and learning through play. I have a passion for supporting small business whether that is small shops, start ups, Australian designers and artists as well as international makers and creators. There are a few hashtags that I have used over my 4 years here on Instagram #kgtsupportsmall #kgtstartups #kgtmonthlyinstapick and quite often I do a follow Friday edition that features #dollmakersofinstagram, mainly cause I have a thing about handmade dolls. I also love books and reading to my boys, so they also feature quite often here or in my stories. I am happy to help out with any questions you may have in terms of gift or toy ideas or where to find locate them around the world. As we have lived in England, Germany and Australia over the past 10 years, I know quite a lot of the online shops that have ALL the best toys and gifts, so hit me up! Also if you would like to collaborate or be a #guestblogger please do drop me an email so we can chat more. Big hugs and thanks for making it to the end, phew…now I reckon you deserve a wine! Lizzie ❤️

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by Lizzie

self-described: Need help to find beautiful toys + gifts, kids rooms + toy ideas + mama of 2 boys, coffee addict

Want to step up your toy giving game? This page is the one to visit. She chronicles lovely, unique gifts for children. Her featured toys are mostly non-toxic and non-tech. I say mostly, but I think they may all be that way, I’m just not certain. She includes links to places where the toys are available. Or, you can be inspired and then go hunting for another version of the same thing. Her page is especially helpful when planning for birthdays and Christmas shopping.

Cinta and Co

by Jacinta

self-described: Bright and colorful fun for kids! Content creation & collaboration, Melbourne Mum, Scientist (PhD), Blog coming soon

This page is so great! If you’re looking for creative activities to break up the day with your toddler, I highly recommending following this page. You will not be disappointed. Many of the projects are simple things that you can put together on your own without anything fancy from the craft store (or amazon), though some basic supplies will almost always be necessary.

Homeschooling Ideas


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by homeschooling ideas

self-described: A community of sharing homeschooling ideas, a homeschool resource, a place to share ideas

The popularity of homeschooling as an alternative seems to be on the rise, or perhaps I’m just paying closer attention to school choice as my kids grow and education has become something we need to start considering. Either way, it seems there are a lot of people doing it and kindly sharing their great resources with others. This particular page is so good for sharing creative, learning tools for young kids. Whether you’re already homeschooling, testing the waters to see if homeschooling could be right for you, or just looking for fun activities with your kiddies, this page is a really good mommy Instagram that you’re sure to find rich with content.

Card Board School House

Encouragement This month's Values theme at the @theinccoworking is ENCOURAGEMENT, and as this is kind of a complex concept, I'm working on a few ideas by talking with and testing out some phrases with my own littles. This is one of those words for which I love the definition more than the word itself – "to inspire courage" … sigh. The kids get COURAGE and, they get BRAVE so it doesn't take huge leaps to grasp the idea of SHARING COURAGE or just plain GIVING it. And it's such wonderful language to explore after spending so much time on KINDNESS. So I'm working on some art projects that will contain words or phrases to point back to this concept, either in the end product/piece or within the process of making it. What is something encouraging someone has said to you? It doesn't take much, does it? And it's usually something short, brief, concise – simple enough to stick in your ear, linger in your brain, and just really mess with your heart. Please share it with me, so I can share it with my kids at home and at school! #earlylearning #invitationtoexplore #invitationtocreate #literacy #earlyliteracy #raisingwriters #raisingwriters #storytelling #finemotorskills #finemotor #grossmotor #sensory #multiageclassroom #cardboardschoolhouse #homeschooling #learningthroughplay #playmatters #steamactivities #kidsactivities #toddleractivities #preschoolactivities #kindnesscurriculum #reggioemiliaapproach #reggioemilia #encouragement

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by Miriam Yoon

self-described: A once upon a time ECSpecEd mama, a preschooler, a toddler, and a hodge podge curation of our favorite messes.

Isn’t that just the best name? Messy, artistic, and just beautiful. Miriam makes the momming of young kids look so fun and magical. Her creative ideas for activities are fun and light-hearted. I enjoy all of what she posts, and would love to try to do each of these things with my kids.

Playing with Felix


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by Ellen & Felix

self-described: I’m a full-time teacher of big kids, looking to gather and share simple ideas for play-based learning with my toddler (2).

This Instagram is like a modern day storybook with Felix as the lead character. He goes on adventures through the woods, smiles in the rain, plays with toys in the garden, makes creative messes, and games with household items. All while learning and enjoying himself. It’s so neat to see, and will be a page you may even want to share with your kids (like a story book).

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