Why My Elementary-Aged Kids are Allowed to Dye Their Hair

In today’s world, allowing kids to be themselves seems to be a topic that’s constantly discussed. I’ve always been open about my kids being their true selves. My first blog post on this topic was several years ago. Fast forward to today and I still have these feelings. Self-expression can take on many forms. My kids are elementary-aged and I allow them to dye their hair.

As a kid, I didn’t dye my hair until I was a teenager. I used a box and we all know how that usually turns out, especially if you’re an inexperienced 13-year-old. NOT GREAT. As I got a little older, my mom let me go to the salon to get a capful of highlights. This eventually lead to the occasional bright red or pink.

I had several friends whose parents gave a hard no on hair dye, especially anything that wasn’t a naturally occurring color. I now have some adult friends who have these feelings. While I don’t feel the same, this subject could be looked at from several angles.

Just be content with what you have.

As my mom used to tell me, “You should be happy with how God made you.” Easier said than done, right? We’re in a world where all of us are bombarded with images of “perfection” at our fingertips. If a little color in our hair puts a lot of pep in our step, then whose to say otherwise?

You’re teaching your kids to have unreal expectations.

My kids both know that it’s not an everyday thing. I want it to remain this way until they are old enough to make their own money and choose how they’d like to spend it. For now, dying their hair is reserved for special occasions, like birthdays or Christmas.

It’s only hair!

This was my philosophy growing up and still is. There comes a day for all of us when the greys creep in without permission and take up residency. Then the dye may be considered a necessity. Until then, who cares?! In the big picture when considering all of the things kids could do, a little purple or blue hair is small potatoes. Or as we say in our house..”no big deal!”

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Do you allow your kids to dye their hair? Leave me a comment to let me know where you stand.

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