Gasparilla Boat Invasion with the Kids

Ahoy mateys! Happy Gasparilla! The Gasparilla Kids parade was January 18th and is one of the best children’s events in Tampa! But for those who had to miss out, this weekend January 25th you still have a chance to show the kiddies a good time at the Gasparilla Boat Invasion and I am here to show you how!


Gasparilla is not only a fun tradition for Tampa residents, but it can also be a great excuse to celebrate with family. Every year my family in Tampa and Miami gets together on Davis Islands and we watch the Gasparilla boat invasion (and eat a lot of food!). Parking is on a first-come, first-serve basis and free. We find a beautiful spot, grab chairs and watch the kids try to catch beads from the boats passing by! It starts at 11:30 and goes until 1 pm.  It would be a perfect way to break up your day since the parade doesn’t start until 2 pm off of Bay to Bay.


You can choose to go home and escape the afternoon parade or stay! Why not continue the celebration and have a fun party at the park? Nearby is the Davis Island Seaplane Basin. Also, scachatta is a must at any Gasparilla party and the best in town is from Alessi’s Bakery. You will be a hit at any party if you show up with a couple of boxes!

So don your eyepatches, watch the Gasparilla boat invasion and practice your Pirate lingo because this is the (second) most wonderful time of the year!

Aye aye mateys!

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