Cultivate Your Child’s Musical Talent with Tampa Fine Arts Academy

Thank you to our friends at Tampa Fine Arts Academy for sponsoring this post and providing children in our community with music lessons and services for 15 years!

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I grew up around music. My grandfather played guitar every day. I can still remember his voice singing folk songs he heard on the local radio station in Puerto Rico. I was introduced to the recorder, the bells, and the xylophone as early as elementary school. In middle school came band tryouts. Since I wasn’t able to make a sound on the flute, I was assigned to the woodwind group. From middle school on, I played clarinet–all the way up through the Bachelors of Arts I achieved in music. Needless to say, music is certainly something that’s important to me. I had introduced small concepts and rhythms to my son, but I was searching for a fun program. Recently I had the opportunity to try a music lesson from Tampa Fine Art Academy and we were so excited.

My son said he wanted to play drums, but I was dead set against something so noisy in my house. I decided to let him have one lesson because I know that even one music lesson with a percussion instrument would be beneficial.

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My son was comfortable with the music instructor Evan right off the bat. Evan greeted him and gave my son a set of drum sticks. He first introduced the concept of a “stick five” as a signal of a job well done (holding both sticks in one hand and hitting their sticks together) establishing positive reinforcement. They then started on a drum pad, which I remembered using as a young music student! I’m not sure why I didn’t think of using such a quiet and basic alternative to the drum set. Then they moved to an electronic drum set. That was surprisingly quiet, too. I realized that drums didn’t necessarily have to be a loud instrument. Technology has progressed to a point where parents don’t have to suffer from the noise pollution that comes with owning a traditional drum set. That was really eye-opening.

Evan then pulled out two large bongo drums and played a game of ‘Simon Says’, where he had my son copy the beats he played. The music lesson was fun, and my four-year-old actually sat through it and didn’t get bored. Let me stress that: My four-year-old sat through the entire music lesson and didn’t whine or complain once. He just thought he was playing games with a fun new teacher. 

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The most surprising thing I discovered during this music lesson is that my son has rhythm. I was impressed! Maybe he has inherited my musical talent! It’s not about my kid playing at Julliard or going further with it than I ever did. Music teaches lots of qualities besides the ability to captivate an audience. It teaches math, confidence, and an appreciation for art. 

Every step of the process was easy at Tampa Fine Arts Academy. And we were able to purchase my son’s first set of drum sticks right after the music lesson. My son told me afterward that he didn’t even need a drum set. He could drum anywhere. That was really music to my ears! We enjoyed our experience. We will definitely be checking them out in the future.

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Tampa Fine Arts Academy has been serving the community for over 15 years. They offer quality group music lessons for children ages 4-7 and individual lessons for children 8 and up. Some other programs include a rock band group and summer camps. Best of all, Tampa Fine Arts Academy is currently offering free registration on their website. Call or text 813-722-0962 to inquire about available lesson times.

Tampa Fine Arts Academy is located at 2148 Ashley Oaks Circle, Wesley Chapel, FL 33544. To learn more about the music lessons and services available at Tampa Fine Arts Academy, visit or email [email protected].

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