12 Questions for the House Hunting Momma

Most moms dream about their perfect house. For me, it’s a cozy retreat with a big wrap-around porch overlooking a lake. It never gets messy and is perfectly decorated with unique vintage finds.

While our dream homes may not be within our means (or even exist), we can make wise choices when shopping for a house to find the right mix of functional for our growing families and peaceful and relaxing for us as moms.

As you start your home search, you’ll surely have a mile-long wish list of the features you’d like: brand new kitchen, big soaker tub, large private master suite away from the kids’ rooms, great neighbors…wait, can I get a mom cave? Do they make those?

While hopefully you’ll be able to find a home that gives you several items from your wish list, make sure your house isn’t an impulse buy because you loved the look of the sleek new kitchen.

To prevent potential homebuyers’ remorse down the road, consider these questions when evaluating potential homes:

  1. Does it meet your family’s long-term needs? Is there room to grow if you have more kids or will you end up feeling cramped in a few short years?
  1. family friendly kitchenAre there spaces for your family to gather together? Look for a kitchen large enough for everyone to sit down for meals together and an open concept so you can watch your kids play in the family room while you cook dinner.
  1. How’s the neighborhood? A safe neighborhood with good schools is at the top of most moms’ lists. Also, consider what amenities are nearby and whether there are family-friendly community activities.
  1. Are there spaces for the kids to play safely outside? A fenced yard and private lot away from busy streets is ideal. You’ll want to feel comfortable sending the kids out to play and enjoy the Florida sunshine.
  1. How’s the storage? Kids create clutter. Make sure there is plenty of space to store toys, shoes, bikes, etc., so the clutter doesn’t cause you stress.
  1. What will the kids fight about? Is one bedroom much bigger than the others? Too many kids sharing one bathroom is bound to cause fights. Is there a space where older kids can hang out with friends?
  1. Toys on the hardwood floors
    Kids’ toys can be hard on hardwood floors.

    Are the floors easy to clean and maintain? Carpet and kids don’t mix well and perfectly polished hardwood floors won’t be safe from toy scratches. Laminate wood and scratch-resistant tile floors are better bets for busy households. Eco-friendly bamboo and cork floors are also good choices for rooms with heavy foot traffic.

  1. What can the kids ruin easily? In addition to paying attention to flooring, look for other kid-friendly finishes like durable countertops, dark cabinets that hide dirt and dents, and soft-close drawers.
  1. Is there a bathtub? If your kids are young, they probably aren’t ready for showers. And of course, a nice soaker tub for mom would be a plus!
  1. How’s the laundry room? If you have to wash all those dirty clothes, you should get a functional, roomy space for it.
  1. Is there enough natural light? Sunlight improves your mood and your sleep. Some good light therapy at home will make you a happier momma.
  1. And most importantly, does it feel like home? At the end of the day, you want your home to be a place where you can escape and feel at peace. A comfortable atmosphere will encourage your family to spend more time together and enjoy the simple everyday moments.

What other house features are important to you as a mom?

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