Failed New Year’s Resolutions? Make Them November Resolutions!

Failed New Year's Resolutions? Make Them November Resolutions!

Remember all those New Year’s resolutions you made back in January? Did they hold up over the year, or did they fizzle out like the sparklers at the New Year’s Eve party?

If your resolve fell by the wayside somewhere around February 1, not to worry. After all, the year isn’t over yet! In fact, remaking those New Year’s resolutions into November resolutions can still give you a sense of accomplishment while setting you up for success on next year’s goals.

Turning New Year’s Resolutions into November Resolutions

Let’s travel back in time, all the way to January 1 of this year. I see you there, between parades, football games, and post-party leftovers, making those resolutions. Back in the here and now, a lot of those big plans hit the buzz saw of real life. But I think we can salvage something from them. You see, at the beginning of the year, you feel pressure to be perfect, so the slightest stumble can totally derail you. You’ve blown it. So before you can say “is it January yet?” old habits come sneaking back.

On the other hand, November resolutions are more baby steps than giant leaps. We’re not talking about a vow to lose 50 pounds or to watch every penny. We just want to show a little progress. Feel we’re moving forward. Taking steps toward a goal.

Depending on when you read this, we have about four to six weeks left in the year. Plenty of time to make something happen! With that in mind, let’s take stock of a few common New Year’s resolutions and see how we can revisit them here in the crisp (ish) autumn air. Choose one and let’s hit the ground running!

New Year’s Resolution: Lose (10, 20, 30…) Pounds
November Resolution: Drink Water, Move a Little

Dropping a few pounds is easily the most common New Year’s resolution. Unfortunately, it’s also one of the toughest to keep. To make that New Year’s resolution into a November resolution, consider making small changes. Remember – baby steps. And don’t focus on the number on the scale. Losing 10+ pounds between Thanksgiving and Christmas is obviously unrealistic. How about starting simply by drinking more water every day? Also, get in some exercise! Go outside and walk, or hit the treadmill when you can (safe bet the gym will be dead right now!). Mostly, these November resolutions constitute a couple of small changes that hopefully become healthy habits come January.

New Year’s Resolution: Get Organized
November Resolution: Make Room for Toys

If you started with a New Year’s resolution to finally get things organized, you’re not alone. But taming the clutter monster can test even the bravest soul. For now, target one job that includes the added benefit of getting you ready for the holidays. Specifically, sort the kids’ old toys before the flood of new ones finds its way in. Check out some Tampa Bay Moms Blog tips on the purge before the presents for ideas to help you weather the flurry of gifts for your littles. It may not seem like much, but a November resolution to keep the kids’ rooms from spilling over with toys will go a long way toward getting things in order after the holidays.

New Year’s Resolution: Save Money
November Resolution: Set a Holiday Budget

New Year's resolution to save money can be a November resolution to budget your holidays
Setting a budget for your holiday gifts will also set you up for next year!

Saving money on your New Year’s resolution list? Adapt it to November by budgeting your holiday spending. Setting aside a budget for your holiday purchases has a couple of advantages. First, of course, it helps prevent overspending so you can keep your finances in better overall condition. In addition, maintaining a budget for your holiday spending is pretty good practice for managing your money after the holidays are over. And you know the Tampa Bay Moms Blog has some ideas for celebrating the holidays on a budget.

Keep on Running

Bottom line, flipping the script on those old New Year’s resolutions from January to November has a lot to do with redefining success. If you fell short of the finish line, you can still pick up the baton and start running again. Anything you achieve now will give you confidence and a head start on next year. At that point, all you have to do is keep on running. With momentum from your November resolutions nudge, January won’t leave you starting at square one yet again.

Kathy K
Kathy’s family moved to Tampa when she was 5, and aside from a few years at the University of Florida (Go Gators!), she’s never lived anywhere else. She’s Irish by heritage, Greek by marriage, and mom to one brilliant little boy. She’s an avid sports fan and lived her Disney-geek dream as a member of the 2015 Disney Parks Moms Panel. A former TV producer and PR pro, Kathy now proudly sports the title of stay-at-home mom. Follow her sports-loving, Disneyfied, Tampa-centric antics on Twitter @kathyk671.