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Learn to Swim at Home with InstaSwim’s Private Swim Lessons

Childhood drowning deaths are up 70% this year, thanks to quarantine and Covid. Florida leads the country in drowning deaths of children aged 1-4. Sadly, children this age are most at risk of drowning in their own home pool. Even more susceptible to drowning are special needs children. Those are terrifying and heart-breaking statistics. Each […]

Tampa Parents: How Fire Safe Is Your College Student’s Housing?

Tampa Bay is home to well over 100,000 college students, many of whom live on campus or in nearby student housing. As parents, we like to think the worst thing that could happen to our child is a lousy grade or catching the flu. In Tampa, passing hurricanes might add a few gray hairs. But […]

How Do We Get People to Stop Driving Around School Buses?

There have been many rites of passage for my two kids since starting elementary school. Having a backpack full of school supplies, trying “hot lunch” in the cafeteria (and behaving appropriately while eating it!) and riding on that big yellow bus were all firsts that they couldn’t wait for. In the beginning, it’s about learning […]

Fire Sprinklers: The Facts on Fire Safety

City Moms Blog Network is pleased to bring you this sponsored post from the Florida Fire Sprinkler Coalition. We’ve all seen those movies where someone lights a match and magically sets off the entire sprinkler system. Everyone runs from the building soaking wet and everything inside is ruined. Well, sprinkler systems don’t actually work like […]

Discussing the Seriousness of School Threats with Your Child

It seems every morning when you turn on the news you see the same story—children are arrested for making false school threats. This morning, some kid posted a vague school threat on Instagram along with pictures of guns. After an investigation, it turns out the kid was joking and he had zero access to any […]

Water Safety Classes Make Summer a Splash

Thank you Instaswim USA for partnering with Tampa Bay Moms to share important water safety tips and InstaSwim’s water safety services to help keep our local families safe this summer! Swim and water safety classes can be this summer’s best investment! Lakes, pools, oceans, ponds, rivers… are you cooling down yet? Water is an essential […]

Bed-sharing and Co-sleeping: How to Make an Informed Choice

The research does show that bed-sharing can increase your baby’s risk of SIDS, just as unsafe bed-sharing practices can increase your baby’s risk of accidental death as well. However, research also shows the risk is lower than the possibility of your baby dying in a car accident or accidental drowning. This doesn’t include the additional risk factors […]

Become a Safer, Smarter Family This Holiday Season with These Tips

Photo Courtesy of Lauren’s Kids The holidays are an especially magical time to be a kid. Decorations, food, traditions, and time off from school…what’s not to love!? But in the midst of the merriment that the holidays bring, it’s important for parents to stay vigilant and realize that these times of added hustle, bustle, and […]

Are Co-sleeping and Bed-sharing Safe?

Are co-sleeping and bed-sharing safe? The topic of co-sleeping is nearly as polarized as vaccinations. I wasn’t planning to write anything about this until an article was published recently on WFLA 8 and a video was created by the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office about the “dangers of co-sleeping.” It starts out sharing about a call received by local deputies. […]