10 Easy Christmas Crafts for Kids

I always enjoy creating fun crafts with my son but the holiday season makes it more special. If you celebrate Christmas, I found some easy art projects to help your kids get in the holiday spirit. Make sure to play some Christmas music while creating these Christmas crafts for kids. 

Paper Plate Santa Claus

Supplies: paper plate, flesh tone paint, red & white cardstock paper, red pom & large googly eyes

When children think of Christmas, Santa Claus is the first person that comes to mind. Start by cutting the top section of your paper plate. Paint the inside circle with a flesh tone color and set aside to dry. Draw a large triangle from the red cardstock paper. Once the paper plate is finished drying, glue it to middle of the red triangle. Using white cardstock, cut out two circles. Glue one circle to the top of the triangle to create the pom for the hat. Next, cut a strip of white paper to use as the brim for the Santa hat. Glue on the large googly eyes to give your Santa a face. Using the extra circle, cut it in half and form a mustache. Finally, glue on the red pom to complete the Santa.

paper plate Santa

Fork Painted Christmas Tree

Supplies: plastic fork, paint (festive colors), Q-tip & white cardstock paper

Squeeze green paint onto a craft tray then dip the back side of the fork into it. Next, drag the fork flat across the paper to create a Christmas tree shape. Finally, use a Q-tip to add “lights” to the Christmas tree. Kids will have a great time creating this cool art. 

Paper Plate Christmas Wreath

Supplies: paper plate, green & red construction paper

First, cut the center of a paper plate to create the wreath. You can cut the green construction paper into squares or tear it. Glue layers of  the green construction paper around the edge of the paper plate. Last, glue red squares throughout the plate to represent the berries. You can also add a bow to your wreath to make it look fancy. 

Jingle Bell Painted Candy Cane

Supplies: jingle bells, small box, candy cane cutout & red paint

Start off by placing the candy cane cutout in a small box. Next, squirt a few drops of red paint inside but not on the cutout. Then, place a few bells inside the box and move it around to coat it with paint. This is a great project to get the kids moving by shaking the box and dancing to music. 

Pom Pom Painting Christmas Tree

Supplies: pom poms, clothespins, Christmas tree cutout & paint (festive colors)

First, attach clothespins to the pom poms. Next, paint the Christmas tree cutout using festive colors. You can also add a star or sprinkle glitter to the tree. 

Scrap Wrapping Paper Stocking

Supplies: white cardboard or cardstock paper, markers, red construction paper & wrapping paper scraps

This is a great way to use those extra scraps of wrapping paper. Start by drawing a stocking shape on the cardboard or cardstock. Cut it, then use markers to create cool artwork on the stocking. Cut or rip the wrapping paper into smaller pieces then glue it to the stocking. While the child is working on the stocking, cut out a rectangle of red construction paper. Last, write their name on the rectangle then glue it to the stocking. You can also create a stocking if there’s a pet in your household. 

Gingerbread Man Art

Supplies: gingerbread man cutout, trims in various colors, googly eyes & gems

Place decorative supplies on a tray then allow child to create their own gingerbread man. They can use the supplies in any way they want. Let their creativity shine. Your child can also create a gingerbread woman by using yarn for the hair.

Paint Scrape Christmas Tree

Supplies: cardstock paper, square cardboard (scraper), Christmas tree cutouts & paint (festive colors)

Start off by adding drops of paint to the Christmas tree cutouts. Next, gently scrape the paint slowly in different directions to create a unique pattern. This is a fun holiday craft that can be used to make a Christmas card. 

Foam ornaments

Supplies: red & green craft foam, decorative foam stickers & ribbon

Cut out a large ornament shape from the craft foam. Add the decorative foam stickers to create a unique ornament. Punch a hole at the top of the ornament then thread a ribbon through it.

Christmas Sweater Collage

Supplies: ugly sweater cutout, pom poms, foam, stickers, buttons & confetti

Ugly Christmas sweater is a popular trend during the holidays. This is a fun collage activity for the kids. Your child will have creative freedom in this project. Just add the festive supplies to the sweater cutout for a cute Christmas craft.

ugly Christmas sweater created by kids using cardstock and art accessories

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